2018 IBPSA-USA Board Candidates

Below is our 2018 slate of candidates for the Board of Directors of IBPSA-USA. See the IBPSA-USA Board of Directors Job Description to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the position. 

Carrie Brown - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

Carrie Brown is a Senior Technical Consultant at Resource Refocus LLC. Previously, she was an Associate Technical Director in Building Science at TRC Energy Solutions (Heschong Mahone Group) and the first building technology specialist at Retroficiency. Her work focuses on building simulation and energy policy research, with an emphasis on Zero Net Energy and Zero Carbon in commercial, residential, and multifamily buildings. 

Carrie is currently the Secretary for the IBPSA-USA Board and ExeCom. She has held leadership roles for numerous simulation conferences including: 

  • Steering Committee, 2019, 2017, and 2015 ASHRAE BPAC
  • Steering Committee and Scientific Committee, 2018 ASHRAE/IBPSA BPAC and SimBuild, 
  • Executive Scientific Committee, IBPSA Building Simulation 2017
  • Scientific Committee Chair and Steering Committee, 2014 and 2016 ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA BPS and SimBuild

She earned a Ph.D. from MIT in the Building Tech Group, a M.S. Arch from UC Berkeley in the Building Science Group, and a B.S. from MIT in Architecture.

Eddy Santosa - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

I have been working and contributing in building performance for more than 15 years ago. At IBPSA-USA, I have been an education committee member since 2012. I initiated the IBPSA LA chapter and recently I am assisting the IBPSA Houston Chapter as a board member. Currently, I am also a USGBC EA TAG member and USGBC Pro Reviewer. 

With my experience in building performance simulation, sustainability expert and architecture, I would like to work with the IBPSA-USA board to enhance the IBPSA brand and recognitions from other AEC industry community such as architects, facility managers and building owners, and expand IBPSA membership among researchers, energy modelers or other simulation experts. The more recognition from other AEC practitioners, the more they will understand the value of simulations for buildings and IBPSA members as a key component in design process, not only for complying with energy code or achieving LEED points.

Timothy McDowell - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

I served on the IPBSA-USA board from 2005 to 2013 and was really burned out after chairing SimBuild 2012 in Madison, WI. This was prior to the professionalization of the organization, and I have watched with great interest the changes since then. I think the organization is on a good path and many of the new activities are positive and supportive of the industry that it represents. However it is very clear to me how opaque the organization continues to be. If you talk to board members or committee members you can learn about what is going on, but this information rarely makes it to the membership at large. I feel that getting better communication to the membership about the activities that IBPSA-USA is taking on and how decisions are being made is vital in the continued professionalization of the organization.

Charles S. "Chip" Barnaby - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

I have been involved in IBPSA since its inception. I have been President and Treasurer of IBPSA-USA and a board member, Treasurer, Vice-President, and President of IBPSA-World. As a Board member, I will continue to use this long experience to help guide the growth and evolution of IBPSA-USA. I will work to strengthen interaction with IBPSA-World to harmonize efforts and avoid duplication. Especially important is development of standards that will facilitate data exchange among applications to improve productivity and accuracy of building modeling.

Neal Kruis  - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

I am the Vice President of Big Ladder Software in Denver, Colorado. I have been working with simulation tools since 2006 both as a modeler and a software developer (namely for EnergyPlus and the California Simulation Engine). I also spend much of my time at Big Ladder consulting on modeling projects and providing training and support for software tools. In 2014, I started the Unmet Hours website which now has over 4,000 answers to questions generated by the building modeling community. I see the sharing of knowledge and information as critical to success of IBPSA-USA. This means looking beyond the skills currently required in our field. Like many other industries, I see that the demand for programming skills in building performance simulation is on the rise. IBPSA-USA should be on the forefront of promoting these skills and offering resources to help make our simulation tools more accessible.

Supriya Goel - (see resume) LinkedIn Profile

Energy efficiency in buildings has been my passion and motivation for the last 8+ years. I attended my first IBPSA-USA conference as a student, on a student scholarship in 2010 and haven’t missed a conference since then. I believe in IBPSA-USA’s mission, which led to me spearheading the IBPSA-Seattle chapter in 2012 and joining the Research Committee in 2016. Project StaSIO has been an outcome this effort and I hope to build on the success of Project StaSIO through a continuation of this effort and new innovative efforts. I am a strong proponent and a vocal advocate for IBPSA’s activities and have tried to participate in it as much as I can, whether its through the Research Committee or conference scientific committees (Building Simulation 2017 and BPACS 2018). If re-elected, I hope to continue doing this as a member of the board of directors.

John Zhai - (see resume)

Promote the organization with more proactive reach-outs; Operate the organization with more engage-welcoming atmosphere; Motivate young generations with more hands-on activities.

Anna Brannon - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

I started attending IBPSA meetings in 2013, becoming more involved in 2015 when I became a board member for IBPSA-San Francisco, a position I held until 2017. In 2016 I joined the organising committee for Building Simulation 2017 and eventually took on the role of publicity chair. Since moving to Australia in 2017 I have been active in organising local events in Sydney, increasing the number of events hosted in Sydney from 1 per year to 4 this year in 2018.

I have a thorough commitment to seeing IBPSA-USA thrive as an organisation, and a strong desire to strengthening our presence throughout the US, widening our technical offerings, and providing support and guidance to students and practitioners. 

Please note that I currently reside in Sydney but I am moving back to the US in Spring 2019.

Dimitri Contoyannis​ - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

Dimitri Contoyannis has been working with building simulation tools for over 15 years. Through his career he has utilized simulation for various purposes: to help building design projects achieve their energy-performance goals, to analyze cutting-edge energy efficiency technologies as part of research projects, and as a developer of advanced simulation software.

In his current role, Dimitri led an effort to transition California’s energy code research, development, and compliance processes to be based on simulations using DOE's EnergyPlus engine. He recently completed a research project, based on simulation and real-world data, to develop a strategic plan for California to achieve its goal of enforcing zero net energy buildings by 2030. 

Dimitri was elected to the IBPSA-USA Board of Directors in 2016. He has been an active participant in the Advocacy Committee, seeking avenues to expand the reach of building simulation throughout the industry and generate more project opportunities for IBPSA members.

Dan Macumber - (see resume) LinkedIn Profile

Shortly after joining the NREL commercial buildings group, I attended my first IBPSA-USA meeting (before the 2008 winter ASHRAE conference in New York) and was hooked. Meeting the leaders in the BEM community excited me, motivated me, and shaped my career as I became one of the lead developers of the OpenStudio Platform. Since that time, I have presented at the last 4 IBPSA-USA BPACS/SimBuild conferences as well as Building Simulation 2017. I have been engaged in the local Denver IBPSA chapter and served as treasurer in 2016. I am enthusiastic to find ways for research institutions, students, practitioners, tool vendors, and anyone else interested in BEM to work together to advance the current state of the art. If elected to serve as an IBPSA-USA board member, I will work to promote collaborations which grow the BEM pie for everyone, increasing the impact our field has on the world.

Liam Buckley - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

Liam is a proud member of the board of the IBPSA-USA – San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. Liam is the Vice-President of IES Ltd. and is also an instructor at San Francisco State University.

Since moving to the United States in 2007, Liam has attended or presented at various regional IBPSA-USA chapters, which include Boston (co-founder), San Francisco Bay Area (Board Member), New York, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, and UC-Berkeley.

Liam’s message: It has been an amazing experience to engage with so many technical minds throughout IBPSA-USA’s network. I am passionate about building performance simulation and wish to continue to improve its market position in the industry.

Joshua New - (see resume) LinkedIn Profile

Dr. Joshua New is a computer scientist joining Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in 2009 while serving as Joint Faculty at The University of Tennessee (UT) since 2012 and Founder&CEO of Tunation, LLC since 2015. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UT in 2009, M.S. in Computer Systems and Software Design and B.S. with double major in Computer Science and Mathematics from Jacksonville State University.

Dr. New leads 1 of the 3 core national lab teams that contributes to EnergyPlus and OpenStudio. Dr. New has over 100 peer-reviewed publications and led more than 50 competitively-awarded projects in the past 5 years involving websites, web services, databases, simulation development, visual analytics, computation using 3 of the world’s #1 fastest supercomputers and artificial intelligence for big data mining. He is a member of IBPSA, IEEE, AEE, and ASHRAE.

Krishnan Gowri​ - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

During the past two years, I have had the opportunity to work with the modeling community and am thrilled to be part of the movement to raise the bar for energy modeling and high performance building design. As Chair of the BS 2017 presentations Committee and BPACS 2018 Steering Committee, I had the opportunity to connect the dots between researchers and practitioners, and the dialog is a very productive and valuable. I would like to continue my effort on the IBPSA-USA Board for another term to help with new initiatives, member services and programs for the next generation of modelers.

Drury Crawley - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

Building performance simulation has been core to my career since college -- supporting standards development and low-energy building research at PNNL, US EPA, US Department of Energy, and Bentley Systems. At DOE for 17 years, I managed building simulation development– DOE-2, OpenStudio, and others; and initiated and lead EnergyPlus development for 15 years. I founded the Building Energy Tools Directory at DOE in 1995, managing it until I left DOE in 2010. I co-authored the neutral-format climatic data for building simulation (EPW), using it to ensure free climatic data was widely available (>25 programs use EPW). While on the IBPSA board, I have worked to grow IBPSA through new regional affiliates—with IBPSA growing almost double in size the last ten years. Since I joined the IBPSA-USA board in 2013, I have served as Treasurer and Vice President.

Rahul Athalye - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile


  • Served on the Equalities Committee within IBPSA-USA to setup the Mentorship Program, intended for advancing young professionals in their career.
  • Served as the vice chair of the Scientific Committee for the 2016 SimBuild Conference.
  • Served as the Scientific Committee Chair for the 2018 BPACS Conference.
  • Served on the Steering Committee that puts together the conference for the past two SimBuild Conferences. 
  • Served as President of ASHRAE Mid-Columbia Chapter. 

Motivation to become IBPSA-USA Board Member:

  • Champion and advance the Mentorship program. Develop new career development programs for members.
  • Bring a diverse and early career perspective to the Board—how best can IBPSA-USA serve early career professionals. Bring focus on supporting members’ needs and to help connect members. 
  • Grow IBPSA-USA by promoting awareness of events, programs, and benefits of being an IBPSA-USA member.

Panos Bakos - (see resume) LinkedIn Profile

Panos has been heavily involved in the organizing of both IBPSA's national and international conferences for the past two years. He currently serves as a member of the publicity committee, handling IBPSA's Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to make sure all members are well informed of the organization's upcoming events and announcements. 

Panos is also a board member of the local IBPSA San Francisco chapter. He has coordinated several successful events over the past two years, as well as kept the local community engaged with the latest industry trends.

Panos' aspirations is to make sure IBPSA is a well known and respected organization that brings industry peers together for the ultimate goal of technical expertise and knowledge sharing. Panos would love to keep contributing to the advancement and growth of the organization as well as support the current board with the various initiatives.

Erik Kolderup - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

I hope to serve one more term on the IBPSA-USA board, after serving as President over the last two years and Vice President for the two prior years. Our organization has made progress over the last several years, but there's still lots of work to do. I'm especially interested in projects to expand the market for building performance simulation that do more to reach out to industry partners like architects and design engineers. I look forward to continuing work on our education and training programs, such as the Education on Demand online video library. I also hoping to continue working to put IBPSA-USA on a sound financial footing so that it can continue to serve its members.

Martha Brook - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

Martha Brook has worked at the California Energy Commission for 26 years, where she has gained experience in long-term energy demand forecasting, building energy efficiency standards, research and development of energy efficient technologies for residential and commercial buildings, and statewide planning to accomplish significant increases in existing building energy efficiency. In her role as Commissioner McAllister’s technical advisor, Martha is contributing to the CEC’s data collection, analysis and disclosure platform developments, providing technical support on current and future building and appliance efficiency standards, and guiding the technical work to establish energy savings targets to double the energy efficiency in the state, as directed by SB 350 (2015). Martha’s professional experience outside the Commission includes mechanical engineering design and software development for energy management systems.  Martha is a licensed mechanical engineer in the state of California and has a Bachelor of Science degree from the California State University at Humboldt in Environmental Resources Engineering.

Matt Biesterveld - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

As Manager of Customer Direct Service (C.D.S.™) at Trane, I have been leading software developers and engineers in developing, supporting, and providing training for design and energy analysis software tools for the past 18 years. I take pride in sculpting customer needs into intuitive, easy to use modeling applications through a deep applied understanding of how the tools are used in the building design process. I have extensive applied experience creating and troubleshooting building simulation models which has led to expertise in the areas of Building Information Modeling, HVAC product and systems analysis, and modeling high performance buildings. I believe strongly that the simulation and modeling field has tremendous growth potential and I would welcome the opportunity to be a board member for an organization that can help drive the industry to reach that potential. Two areas of particular interest include moving the industry towards integration of building modeling and simulation earlier in the design process and helping educate the industry to address long standing credibility issues.

Joe Huang - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

First, I would like to thank all the members who voted for me to be on the Board in 2015. If re-elected, I will continue to advocate that IBPSA-USA provide support in areas that tend to be overlooked by research but are very important to the practitioners, such as prototypical building models, material properties, equipment characterization, usage schedules and intensities, weather data, etc., and bridge the gap between the theoretical (how to model a particular process or system type) and the practical (how to use a specific simulation program to model a particular building). I'm also troubled that the simulation community appears to be self-segregating by simulation program and would like to encourage more cross-communication to reduce cases of "re-inventing the wheel" or show how people have tackled the same problem in different ways.

I got into building energy simulations through on-the-job training at LBNL and, despite having participated in the development of both DOE-2 and EnergyPlus, I still see myself as much as a simulation user as a researcher/developer. My first foray into simulations was an extended effort to create a large DOE-2 data base of residential energy use in the early 1980s that was used in both DOE and ASHRAE residential energy standards (ARES, 90.2). The batch simulation techniques were later adopted for easy-to-use PC or Web applications, such as RESFEN, HomeEnergySaver, and the RoofSavingsCalculator, while the building models formed the basis of what became DOE's Commercial Reference Buildings now widely used around the world. After creating thousands of typical-year weather files for ASHRAE and others, in 2012 I launched weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com web site as a commercial venture to provide all types of weather files for use in building energy simulations. I've also been active for many years in bulletin boards such as UnmetHours, BLDG-SIM, eQUEST-Users, and EnergyPlus_Support, where I strive to be helpful and share my experiences gleaned from over thirty years working with building energy simulations.

Ralph Muehleisen​ - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

I am the Principal Building Scientist and leader of the Building Energy Decision and Technology Research (BEDTR) group at Argonne National Laboratory after spending nearly 20 years in academia and private consulting. I think my combination of experience in research, education, and consulting will be an asset to the IBPSA board. I am currently the co-chair of the Urban Scale Simulation research committee and have been working with the editorial committee on getting the SimBuild paper archive back online. I have also been a board member of an organization, the Institute of Noise Control Engineers, that is very similar to IBPSA-USA in many ways. It is the USA affiliate of an international organization and went from being completely volunteer to having an executive director and part-time staff. I think my experience in that organization can really help IBPSA-USA in this time of growth and transition. 

David Eldridge - (see resumeLinkedIn Profile

I hope to continue helping IBPSA-USA grow through development of partnerships with academic and industry groups to advance our mission of increasing accuracy and rate of adoption of modeling in buildings. I feel that I bring a perspective to the board from the consulting engineering which helps to maintain balance among all of our membership’s interests.

I have worked at Grumman/Butkus Associates for 15 years, focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability consulting including energy modeling and energy auditing. During that time I have served as a board member of IBPSA-USA and a founder of the Chicago Chapter. I am also a member on ASHRAE’s committees TC 7.6, 9.6, SPC 211 and Certification. Through these roles I served on the BEMP and BEAP exam subcommittees. Before working at G/BA I was in graduate school at Oklahoma State University and prior to that an undergrad at University of Illinois, Urbana.

My IBPSA-USA activities have been helping plan the meetings twice a year and contributing to the BEM workshop as well as general planning and outreach for the board of directors.