2020 IBPSA-USA Slate of Candidate for Board of Directors

Below is our 2020 slate of candidates for the Board of Directors of IBPSA-USA. See the IBPSA-USA Board of Directors Job Description to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the position. 


Eddy Santosa

I have been working and contributing in building performance for more than 15 years ago. At IBPSA-USA, I have been an education committee member since 2012. I initiated the IBPSA LA chapter and recently I am assisting the IBPSA Houston Chapter as a board member. Currently, I am also a USGBC EA TAG member and USGBC Pro Reviewer. With my experience in building performance simulation, sustainability expert and architecture, I would like to work with the IBPSA-USA board to enhance the IBPSA brand and recognitions from other AEC industry community such as architects, facility managers and building owners, and expand IBPSA membership among researchers, energy modelers or other simulation experts. The more recognition from other AEC practitioners, the more they will understand the value of simulations for buildings and IBPSA members as a key component in design process, not only for complying with energy code or achieving LEED points.


Matthew Duffy
Integrated Environmental Solutions, Ltd.

Matthew has been involved with IBPSA at the international and national level ever since graduating from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2008. He has not only held numerous different roles on multiple simulation software development teams, but he also worked at an MEP consulting firm for five years as a building performance consultant. He founded and currently serves as the Committee Chair of the IBPSA-USA Wisconsin Chapter. The chapter has seen much growth, activity, and engaging events in over a year of existence. He has taught building simulation around the world and continues to strive for the promotion of building simulation. Matthew volunteers as a STEAM/STEM educator for middle school and as a coach and board member for a local soccer club.


Rania Labib
Prairie View A&M University

For the last seven years, I focused on advancing the field of Building performance simulations (BPS) through expanding the capabilities of the existing BPS tools by developing new functions and plugins for those tools. For example, in my most recent IBPSA conference paper, I demonstrated the use of Python coding to facilitate the execution of millions of BPS on a cloud-based high performance computing environment in a few hours, a process that would have normally taken months to complete using existing BPS tools. Considering my profound knowledge in BPS, I was invited to give a workshop at Texas A&M University on advanced simulations within parametric environment. The workshop took place in 2015. Furthermore, during my doctoral studies at Texas A&M, I prepared intensive material for a graduate course on BPS for my advisor. I was recently voted to be a board member in the IBPSA local Houston chapter.


Rahul Athalye

Rahul is a nationally recognized expert in the field of energy modeling, building science, and codes and standards. Rahul was the Scientific Committee Chair for the 2018 ASHRAE-IBPSA BPACS Conference while also serving on the Steering Committee and Scientific Committee of the past three IBPSA-USA BuildSim Conferences. He has served on the Equalities Committee at IBPSA-USA and was involved in developing the mentoring program at IBPSA-USA. Rahul has a passion for career development and is seeking an IBPSA-USA Board position to further IBPSA-USA’s causes with a focus on improving the mentoring program and providing members and young career professionals the opportunities to further their career. Rahul’s past experience includes an eight-year stint at PNNL where he led the prototype development work for DOE. With a Master's degree in mechanical engineering, Rahul currently leads the codes and standards development team at NORESCO.


Nathaniel Jones
Advanced Technology & Research Analyst at Arup

I am a building scientist, educator, and software developer working in Arup’s Advanced Technology & Research group. My involvement in IBPSA-USA dates to SimBuild 2010, and I currently chair the Research Committee and subcommittee on Emerging Simulation Technologies and edit the ‘Ask a Modeler’ newsletter column. I’ve authored journal and conference papers on building energy and daylighting simulation, and I develop Accelerad, a fast open-source lighting simulation tool. At the 2016 ASHRAE Winter Conference, I led a focus group with representatives of industry, government, and academia to identify emerging needs of the building performance simulation field. The greatest need we identified was to bridge the gap between research and practice. I believe that IBPSA is the best organization to bridge this gap, and my goal in serving on the board is to make IBPSA the most effective it can be at producing, promoting, and sharing innovations in all areas of building performance simulation.


Delia Estrada

Even after working in the design and energy analysis modeling world for more than 20 years, it amazes me how many opportunities are still out there to improve. I would love to work with the IBPSA board to help share the knowledge our members have about new technologies and best practices to increases the strength of our industry as a whole.


David Goldwasser
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

I have been a software engineer and researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for almost 10 years; working on development of the OpenStudio platform, developing an initial library of OpenStudio measures through analysis projects, creating videos to demonstrate functionality, and supporting modelers and developers on UnmetHours.com and through other avenues. Prior to joining NREL I had 10 years experience in architectural and construction management practices, and another 5 years consulting for the AEC industry in advanced interactive media; during which time I served on the board of directors of the International VR Photography Association (ivrpa.org). While my personal perspective of IBPSA-USA is as a software develop, an energy modeler, and an architect; as a board member I would serve the membership at large taking guidance from members on prioritization and direction of IBPSA-USA efforts to advance and promote performance simulation for an ever-changing industry and world.


Timothy McDowell
Thermal Energy System Specialists, LLC

As a current board member, I have spearheaded the revision of the by-laws and the formation of the Building Data Exchange Committee and served on the Development and Equality Committees. If I am re-elected, I will continue to make sure that IBPSA-USA listens to the needs of its membership and stays true to its mission.


Bob Fassbender

Do you think it is time for IBPSA to evolve and expand? If so, I have 10 years of experience working directly with thousands of modelers from various professions, not just engineers and architects! Your feedback combined with theirs will translate into substantial growth for IBPSA.  My goal is to expand IBPSA's visibility to other fields, engage existing members, and recruit new members by increasing the appeal and value of membership. Firstly, we must tap into the value that we already have. One example of this: take the vast amount of largely unread whitepapers as well as other libraries available to members and make user friendly summaries, that are readily understood by new or non-engineers. This will serve as both a resource to members and as marketing to non-members. Secondly, we must provide additional appeal to those holding membership such as expanding member events, networking opportunities, and additional resources, especially those needed for new simulators. And as I have always encouraged, I'd love to hear your insight and suggestions if you have other ideas.


Hsu Kai-Wei
Syska Henessy

Kai Wei has been leading and analyzing all of the Los Angeles Projects here at Syska. I believe his fresh take on the industry will serve the industry well.


Kapil Upadhyaya

My journey with IBPSA goes back to 2007 when I started working in Houston. I saw gaping imperfections in the building industry across many trades. In IBPSA, I saw the opportunity to leverage building physics to: - solve problems by simulation tools and techniques; - educate AEC industry; - set a trajectory of exceptional performance for buildings. I founded the Houston chapter of IBPSA-USA that was formally recognized in 2010. Performance Huddle – our annual conference hosted in 2018 & 2019 – is a testament to our chapter’s success. If elected to the BOD position, I will leverage it to champion the cause of IBPSA across AEC industry and help it get recognized for championing building physics and integrated design. Thank you for your vote.


Sam Mason
Encompass Energy LLC

My motivation to serve on the board is two-fold: 1) to increase the use of simulation in building design and retrofit projects, and 2) to improve the quality of simulation and simulation deliverables. To increase the use of simulation, I believe the visibility of IBPSA as an organization must be expanded. IBPSA can engage with other organizations to promote modeling within the built environment and continue to educate owners/architects/developers on simulation in the design process. To improve quality of simulation, I believe IBPSA can help develop a standardized quality assurance protocol with a focus on education and uses of simulation. I am a member of ASHRAE and IBPSA. I helped organize the 2010 IBPSA conference in New York. I serve on the ASHRAE 90.1 Lighting Subcommittee, have my Professional Engineering license in Mechanical Engineering, and have my BEMP certification. I am an instructor for ASHRAE teaching Energy Modeling Best Practices.


Panos Bakos

Panos has been heavily involved in the organizing of both IBPSA's national and international conferences for the past three years. He currently serves as a member of the publicity committee, handling IBPSA's Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to make sure all members are well informed of the organization's upcoming events and announcements. Panos is also a proud board member of the local IBPSA San Francisco chapter. He has coordinated several successful events over the past three years, as well as kept the local community engaged with the latest industry trends. Panos' aspirations is to make sure IBPSA is a well known and respected organization that brings industry peers together for the ultimate goal of technical expertise and knowledge sharing. Panos would love to keep contributing to the advancement and growth of the organization as well as support the current board with the various initiatives.