2021 IBPSA-USA Slate of Candidate for Board of Directors

Below is our 2021 slate of candidates for the Board of Directors of IBPSA-USA. See the IBPSA-USA Board of Directors Job Description to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the position. 

NOTE: Nominees for the Student Board position are at the bottom of this form.



Anna Brannon    Carrie Brown    Neil Bulger       Dimitri Contoyannis   Dru Crawley    Ranojoy Dutta     

 Supriya Goel   Neal Kruis   Weijun "Allen" Mei  Kyleen Rockwell  Tommy Zakrzewski


 Yasser El Masri  Jayati Chhabra 

Anna Brannon - (Linkedin)
Atelier Ten

I work as a Senior Environmental Designer at Atelier Ten with a focus on building performance simulation. I am a daily user of building simulation tools and am constantly working with clients to deliver buildings that are comfortable, energy efficient, and responsive to their environment. With this experience I hope to bring a consultants perspective to the board, and represent IBPSA-USA's membership base. I have been involved in IBPSA at the local chapter level for many years, and have served on the Board of Directors for the last 2 years. I feel that the work and impact I can have has just begun, and serving another term will allow me to continue with my vision for participating in the IBPSA-USA board.

Vision: As a member of the IBPSA-USA board, I would ensure IBPSA-USA is financially stable, is providing services that its members want and need, has a strong presence in the form of local chapters, and has a strong national brand. This will enable us as an organization to better influence the world of building performance simulation, and serve our members.


  • Board member of IBPSA-USA (2019-present): helped guide the direction of the organization by working on internal developments, such as review of finances, resource organization and strategic planning, as well as identifying areas of improvement. General participation in meetings as well as review and approval of board and committee activities as needed.
  • Chair of IBPSA-USA Development Committee: helped guide IBPSA-USAs fundraising efforts, monthly review of finances
  • Attendance at several SimBuild and BPAC conferences 
  • Member of IBPSA-Australasia Sydney chapter events organizing committee (2018-2019): organized monthly events, recruited speakers
  • Board member of IBPSA-San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (2015-2017): acted as treasurer, helped organize monthly events and recruit speakers

Carrie Brown - (LinkedIn)
Resource Refocus

Dr. Carrie Brown is a Senior Technical Consultant at Resource Refocus LLC where she contributes expertise in the fields of building science, mechanical engineering, optimization methods, building simulation, and energy efficient design. She specializes in zero net energy (ZNE) and zero carbon (ZC) research and consulting; energy efficiency consulting for commercial, residential, and multifamily buildings; building performance simulation; and state and federal energy policy research. Currently, Dr. Brown works on various ZNE and ZC studies for the California Investor Owned Utilities, the California Air Resources Board, and NYSERDA. She is active in IBPSA and ASHRAE, where she is the Vice President of IBPSA-USA and the Chair of the 2020 ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Building Performance Analysis/SimBuild Conference. Dr. Brown holds a Ph.D. in Building Technology from MIT, an M.S. in Architecture with a concentration in Building Science from UC Berkeley, and a B.S in Architecture from MIT.

Vision: I’ve loved serving on the IBPSA-USA Board for the past four years and would be honored if you would elect me to continue in this role. I think we’re at a really interesting point in the building performance simulation world, where historically we’ve mostly focused on energy, but as many cities and states set aggressive decarbonization goals, we’re now thinking about GHG reduction, grid harmonization, and resiliency at a new level of detail. This presents an opportunity -- and a responsibility -- to promote and enrich building performance simulation as a part of the solution to the climate crisis. It’s my goal that the IBPSA-USA Board will continue to provide the needed support to keep IBPSA-USA as a leader in this field by supporting education, research, conferences, committees, and local chapters.


  • Current IBPSA-USA Vice President, past Secretary
  • Member of IBPSA-USA BOD since 2017 
  • Member of various IBPSA-USA committees including Advocacy, Communications, Conference, Finance and Development, Education, and Projects.
  • Conference Chair, 2020 ASHRAE/IBPSA BPAC and SimBuild
  • Steering Committee and Scientific Committee, 2018 ASHRAE/IBPSA BPAC and SimBuild, 
  • Executive Scientific Committee, IBPSA Building Simulation 2017
  • Scientific Committee Chair and Steering Committee, 2014 and 2016 ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA BPS and SimBuild

Neil Bulger - (LinkedIn)
Red Car Analytics

I currently work in the world of Building Performance Simulation with architects and owners on high performance buildings and with energy standards bodies, providing energy analysis of new incentive programs or new energy code enhancements. I am passionate about building simulation and enjoy teaching as much as doing the work itself. I believe there is more good work to be done than there are people able to do it and through sharing best practices and ideas we can continue to grow the field of building performance simulation professionals.

Vision: The ability to quantify opportunities and risks, translating energy into carbon, cost, and other forms of information for owners and designers is something I am passionate about. I hope to bring a perspective of how to use Building Performance Simulation to unpack building physics and be able to explain the underlying drivers of results. I find it is important to be able to make energy modeling results and conclusions about what the primary drivers of energy are to help explain cause and effect.

Further, I am passionate about finding ways to reduce building energy use and carbon emissions. I have extensive knowledge of modeling net zero energy buildings as well as utilizing various carbon and source metrics being used by state agencies using energy modeling to inform policy. I hope to be able to share these insights and provide information as more IBPSA-USA members looking to get involved.


  • 2019, 2020 CalBEM Steering Committee, Co-Chair of CalBEM Working Group
  • 2020-past IBPSA-SF Chapter participation in meetings
  • 2017 IBPSA conference assistance in recruiting attendees
  • 2013-2011 IBPSA-SF chapter steering committee, organizing meetings and speakers in the area

Dimitri Contoyannis (LinkedIn)
Model Efficiency

I have been involved in research and development activities to support California’s Title 24 energy code for over a decade. I have helped develop compliance tools, and also performed large-scale analysis to help define how to continue advancing the code towards zero energy and zero carbon.

I am also leading a US Department of Energy sponsored project to develop an online educational resource for BEM practitioners to learn how to apply BEM to various tasks throughout the design process.  The goal is to make it easier for newcomers to learn BEM, and for experienced modelers to share knowledge and also learn a few new tricks.

I believe that my experience as a practitioner, software developer, and researcher makes me a worthy candidate for the IBPSA-USA board. If elected, I will be able to represent our members across the modeling spectrum.

Vision: A primary goal throughout my career has been to find ways to expand the use of building performance simulation.  As a practitioner (HVAC Engineer), I worked with project teams at my firm to ensure that energy performance information was provided to the architects and engineering team to help make good design decisions on all of our projects.  As a software developer, I have aimed to develop greater capabilities without sacrificing user-friendliness. As a research consultant (working on analysis of energy codes), I apply energy modeling to help develop codes that ensure that all buildings are energy efficient. 

As an IBPSA-USA director, I will continue to work with our membership to create opportunities to apply BEM on more projects so that we can help grow our industry together.


  • I have been an IBPSA-USA board member for 4 years. During this time, I have served as a member of the Advocacy Committee which worked closely with The US Department of Energy to help provide guidance on its roadmap document (“Research and Development Opportunities for BEM”).  Our input helped to define new technical development goals and educational opportunities to support our industry’s growth.
  • I am also the chair of the recently founded Certification Committee.  This committee seeks to work with jurisdictions across the country to help lower their barriers to accepting and reviewing energy modeling submissions for code compliance or efficiency programs.
  • I am also proud to have helped organize the technical program of the IBPSA (World) Simulation conference in San Francisco by participating as a reviewer.

Dru Crawley (LinkedIn)
Bentley Systems

Building performance simulation has been core to my career since college -- supporting standards development and low-energy building research at PNNL, US EPA, US Department of Energy, and Bentley Systems. At DOE for 17 years, I managed building simulation development– DOE-2, OpenStudio, and others; and initiated and lead EnergyPlus development for 15 years. I founded the Building Energy Tools Directory at DOE in 1995, managing it until I left DOE in 2010. I co-authored the neutral-format climatic data for building simulation (EPW), using it to ensure free climatic data was widely available (>25 programs use EPW) – more than 13,000 locations available worldwide now. While on the IBPSA board, I have worked to grow IBPSA through new regional affiliates—with IBPSA almost doubling in size the last ten years. Since I joined the IBPSA-USA board in 2013, I have served as Treasurer, Vice President and President.

Vision: IBPSA-USA is in a unique position to represent and support the building performance simulation community. Having served as an IBPSA-USA officer for many years, I will continue to serve on committees -- to grow and serve the simulation industry. I want to ensure our continued financial stability, build and support our local chapters, and revamp our web site to draw the community to us. IBPSA-USA has many opportunities for members to contribute – through our board committees, funded research, and biennial SimBuild and planned regional/specialty conferences.


  • President, 2019-2021
  • Vice President, 2017-2019
  • Treasurer, 2013-2017
  • Multiple board committees
  • Board member since 2013
  • Technical reviewer and session chair for multiple SimBuild conferences

Ranojoy Dutta (LinkedIn)
View Inc.

I collaborate with architects, engineers, and sustainability consultants to incorporate dynamic glazing into high performance buildings. I enjoy leveraging the latest simulation tools to make effective and informed design choices. I also have expertise in designing and executing physical measurement studies around occupant comfort and glazing. I regularly present at building industry conferences and enjoy giving technical presentations at AEC firms. Although I have a background in architecture and building simulation my present work experience is different form a traditional building engineer or energy modeler. I believe I will bring a different perspective to the IBPSA board as someone who is from manufacturing industry and associated with a façade solution that is at the intersection of human wellness, smart connectivity, and energy efficiency.

Vision: Building performance simulation offers objective answers to what if questions that arise during all phases of building design. The excitement comes when simulation results support the user’s intuition based on fundamental principles. However, when the results are contrary it often leads to a rewarding path of discovery that brings about new learnings. What also excites me is the fact that sensor technologies integrated with digital twins are close to allowing real time building performance tracking that can help optimize building performance through the lifetime of a building. I am keen to pursue this area further with my colleagues at IBPSA. As much as I enjoy working on simulations purely as a technical pursuit, my focus is to verify that simulation driven design decisions support and enhance the health and wellbeing of occupants who inhabit these buildings. I hope to bring that perspective to the board.


  • IBPSA 2020 - Co-authored two presentations. Speaker for one presentation on thermal resilience.
  • IBPSA 2019 - Presented a study on Title 24 and TDV impact of dynamic glazing
  • IBPSA 2018 - Presented a paper on modelling multi-tint electrochromic glazing in EnergyPlus using EMS

Supriya Goel (LinkedIn)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

I am a Research Engineer at Pacific Norwest National Laboratory, where I am involved in the development of building energy codes, standards and rating systems. I also work on development of simulation tools for the evaluation of buildings. I have served on various ASHRAE committees  and am the chair of SPC 229P. I was also awarded the Emerging Professional Award by IBPSA-USA in 2018.

Vision: IBPSA-USA as IBPSA USA as an organization represents the simulation industry- practionioners, researchers, professors, students. I have been a  part of the IBPSA-USA Board for over 3 years now and am still inspired by the enthusiasm, passion and ideas all members bring to this organization whether its through their participation in various IBPSA-USA initiatives or just their presence and willingness to provide input.
As a board member, I want to facilitate this convergence of ideas through the member base and grow this organization’s recognition of a an entity which represents the voice and needs of out industry.
an organization.


  • I am currently the Secretary of the IBPSA-USA BOD and also lead Project StaSIO, an initiative of IBPSA-USA's Research Committee.
  • I previously facilitated the formation of IBPSA-USA's Seattle Chapter and also served on the Research Committee's Architectural Simulations subcommittee.
  • I had served on the Scientific Committee of the ASHRAE-IBPSA USA BPACS conference in 2018 and chaired the same in 2020.

Neal Kruis (LinkedIn)
Big Ladder Software

I am the Vice President of Big Ladder Software in Denver, Colorado. I have been working with simulation tools since 2006 both as a modeler and a software developer (namely for EnergyPlus and the California Simulation Engine). Lately, much of my work has been focused on standardization and alignment in the realm of Building Performance Modeling. As a result, I end up wearing many hats: At ASHRAE, I am the Vice Chair of both TC 4.7, "Energy Calculations", and SPC 205, "Representation of HVAC Performance Data"; and voting member of SSPC 140, "Evaluating Building Performance Simulation Software", and SPC 229, "Evaluating Ruleset Implementations in BEM Software". At RESNET, I am contracted as their Energy Modeling Director and the chair of the Software Consistency Committee. Finally, I am a contractor on California's residential Title 24 software and the co-chair of CalBEM's working group on Creating a "Streamlined Process for Building Simulation."

Vision: The Building Performance Simulation industry in the United States is growing faster than ever. IBPSA-USA is THE professional association for the industry, and it needs to be representing its members wherever building performance is discussed. Throughout my time serving on IBPSA-USA's board of directors, there has been internal discussion about the role IBPSA-USA plays (or should play) in serving both its members and the greater building design community. These discussions have led to creative new ideas for how IBPSA-USA can better serve its mission. One outcome includes proactively engaging IBPSA-USA members to collaboratively develop industry consensus documents supporting standardization, model quality assurance, and streamlined workflows. As building performance simulation is increasingly used for performance-based compliance and high-performance certification/design we, as an industry, must work together to assure that the software we use and the models we create provide valuable and reliable results to inform building design decisions.


  • IBPSA-USA Board of Directors, Treasurer
  • IBPSA-USA Advocacy Committee, Chair
  • IBPSA-USA Building Data Exchange Committee, Vice Chair
  • IBPSA-USA Certification Committee, Vice Chair
  • IBPSA-USA Development Committee, member
  • IBPSA-USA/ASHRAE Denver Chapter "Sim Club", member

Weijun "Allen" Mei (LinkedIn)
Cyclone Energy Group

Allen works as a Senior Building Analyst at Cyclone Energy Group, a Chicago based consulting firm. Allen spends most of his time developing advanced energy, daylight, and CFD models. He is also involved in mentoring junior energy modelers in house. He provides technical training, quality assurance and quality control of client deliverables. Allen also standardizes Cyclone’s modeling practices, develops prototypes, and does in house research projects. He works extensively with designers and project managers in the development of high performance buildings. Allen is hoping to bring more practitioner perspectives to the IBPSA-USA board and bridge the divide between academic and the AEC industry modeling practices.

Vision: As a practitioner, I am excited about working closely with my clients in the development of high performance buildings. I helped designers and project managers on more than 140 projects using building simulation. I hope to bring more practitioner perspectives to the IBPSA-USA board, to advocate for modeling supported design and performance-based compliance.


  • IBPSA 2017 SF Conference
  • 2018 Building Performance Analysis Conference, Chicago
  • 2020 Building Performance Analysis Conference, Chicago, Virtual
  • IBPSA Chicago Chapter, 2016-2018

Kyleen Rockwell (LinkedIn)
HKS Architects

As an Associate Building Performance Engineer and Architect with HKS I facilitate performance analysis to various degrees technical expertise. In a typical month I support our Technical Resources Group in conducting hydrothermal building detail analysis to reduce the risk of condensation potential, assess exterior pedestrian and interior occupant comfort via computational fluid dynamics modeling, daylight/glare analysis, or energy modeling. I collaborate with architectural teams at all phases of design, teaching the basics of building physics and energy modeling to working with teams well into permitting to ensure our projects are in compliance with local standards and energy performance targets set at project kickoff. I have a breadth of volunteering experience serving on committees or roles with USGBC, AIA Colorado, AIA National, ASHRAE 90.1 SSPC with a special interested in sustainability as well as justice, equity, diversity and inclusivity as vital ingredients to a positive built environment.

Vision: The limitless areas of exploration to improve the performance of a building is what makes me love the building simulation world. One can tune a study that focuses on the finest of minutia that will have exponential benefits to the entire building or look at a more holistic systems thinking approach that weighs the inputs and impacts on a variety of levels. I bring the expertise of simulating a variety of analyses (hydrothermal, energy, daylighting, CFD, etc.) across a broad range of scales and tools to craft a narrative that promotes the impact of design decisions on building performance.


  • Author/Speaker 2020 BPAC/ Simbuild  “sDA Imprecision Correlated to the Increased Application of Daylight Driven Design” 
  • Speaker IBPSA-USA Research Committee Webinar: “ Automated 2D Heat Transfer with Grasshopper” June 2020
  • Speaker 2019 Simbuild  “When the Client Asks: Can your Model Confirm my Design Day Field Measurements”
  • Panelist 2019 Simbuild “Making The Case For Custom Tool Development: In-house And Beyond”
  • Speaker 2018 BPAC/Simbuild “Interoperable Algorithmic Modeling: 2D Finite Element Method Heat Transfer Translation and Analysis”
  • IBPSA Chicago Member (2017-2019)
  • IBPSA Denver Member (2019-2020)

Tommy Zakrzewski (LinkedIn)
HKS Architects

As a professional and academic with more than 14 years of experience I’ve established myself as a leader and change agent within HKS. I firmly believe that my experience and enthusiasm can advance the group by increasing engagement and disseminating knowledge through strategic planning and education. As the Director of Building Engineering Physics, I am responsible for envisioning, design and delivering exceptional projects for clients by best leveraging building engineering physics through analytics. As a subject matter expert for integrated, high-performance sustainable design, I provide technical leadership in respect to whole-building dynamic thermal and energy building simulation models and detailed engineering analysis. As an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology, I’ve redeveloped and adapted two elective courses, Building Enclosure Design and Advanced Building Energy Modeling courses, to better address the growing needs of the architectural, engineering and construction professions.

Vision: Notwithstanding my professional and academic achievements/involvements, my passion for fostering growth in others extends beyond the bounds of my immediate profession. Outreach and Education is essential in supporting our Architectural partners especially as we face the impending Time Value of Carbon (next 10 years leading to 2030). Therefore, I propose to bring a strong connection to the Architectural community through HKS Architects, and particularly the AIA. My passion for fostering better building performance through simulation was truly seeded when embracing the role of an educator at Illinois Institute of Technology. Sharing my deep knowledge in building engineering physics and sustainability with students and developing professionals truly opened my mind to the importance of an inclusive education system that is flexible and accommodating for building performance simulation. I hope to continue my advocacy and influence as an IBPSA-USA Board Member.


  • Chapters
    • IBPSA-USA Chicago Chapter (CHIBPSA) Board Member - 3 Years
  • Projects
  • Conferences
    • 2018 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild (Building Integrated Cogeneration System Design Sizing and Analysis for Climate Disruption)
    • 2020 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild (A Common Language to Design Carbon Neutral Projects by 2030)
    • 2020 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild (Building Simulation Competency: Crowded Curricula, Demanding Profession)




Jayati Chhabra (LinkedIn)
Georgia Institute of Technology

Immediately after my B.Arch, I knew sustainability in Architecture was something I wanted to work and contribute in. This led me towards my Masters degree in Architecture in High-performance buildings at Georgia Tech which has afforded me an excellent grasp of sustainability fundamentals and energy modeling tools.  I have recently completed my thesis on "Building-integrated biotic carbon sequestration techniques: overview and simulation workflow" investigating a new arena under the same umbrella of building performance and developed a simulation workflow to contribute towards the mitigation of climate change. 

Being at the verge of entering the industry, I believe I understand the role, ability and significance of students and emerging professionals in Building Performance Simulation to produce better performing structures, fight climate change and save our planet from deteriorating further. Students with a fresh mind, great creative energy and an excellent technology grasp have the capability to come up with innovative and smart ideas to overcome the challenges we are facing today. Thus, I am enthusiastic to conglomerate and find support for such ideas to further enforce the mission of IBPSA-USA.


Around 6 months ago, I got an opportunity to associate myself with IBPSA-USA. Never did I know that I would be so involved and interested in this organization. I have been a student volunteer and have been involved in the following:

  • Part of the organizing committee of the semi-annual meeting in July. 
  • Transcriptionist/Notetaker for Simplified Performance Rating Method (S-PRM) project meetings in collaboration with PNNL.
  • Part of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAG) dealing with BEM education (in collaboration with LBNL - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Yasser El Masri (LinkedIn)
Georgia Institute of Technology

As a member of the High-Performance Building Lab at Georgia Tech, I have conducted research at the heart of building performance simulation. As part of the research effort, I have already presented a paper at BPACS 2020 and I'm currently working on two paper abstracts accepted for the IBPSA BS2021 conference. As part of community outreach, I have been conducting for years workshops for students on OpenStudio back in my home country of Lebanon to help pioneer Building Performance in the Middle East.


  • Helped set up and moderate IBPSA Jeopardy Session
  • Presented paper at IBPSA Boston meeting
  • Presented accepted paper at BPACS
  • Working on papers for two accepted abstracts for BS2021
  • Currently leading an effort to start an IBPSA GaTech Chapter