Biannual Meetings

IBPSA-USA Summer Meeting in Kansas City - June 22, 2019

IBPSA-USA Winter Meeting in Atlanta - January 12, 2019


Guest Presenter: Dr. Xinyi Song, Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology.


IBPSA-USA Summer Meeting in Houston - June 23, 2018


Guest Presenter: Philip Haves of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: How Good are They? Early Results from Empirical Validation of Simulation Software



IBPSA-USA Winter Meeting in Chicago - January 20, 2018


Guest Presenters: Paul Erickson, Fred Betz and Sagar Rao of Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

IBPSA-USA Summer Meeting in Long Beach - June 24, 2017








Guest Presenter: Peter Simmonds - Modeling Occupant Comfort.


IBPSA-USA Winter Meeting in Las Vegas - January 28, 2017








Theme for the night: Uncertainty in Simulation.

IBPSA-USA Summer Meeting in St. Louis - June 25, 2016








Theme for the night: Simulation in Early Design.


IBPSA-USA Winter Meeting in Orlando - January 23, 2016









New format for the night, with a focus on networking, socialization and interactive presentations. Theme for the night: Automatic Generation of Baseline Buildings for Energy Performance Standards.


IBPSA-USA Summer Meeting in Atlanta - June 27, 2015









IBPSA-USA Winter Meeting in Chicago - January 24, 2015