Board of Directors

Current Board (2019-2020)

IBPSA-USA holds elections once every year. Board members serve two year terms. In 2019, we elected to move to staggered terms so that every year fresh voices can be added to our Board. Officers are appointed by the Board on their first meeting. The current Board was elected on January 12, 2019. Officers and Board members of IBPSA-USA are governed by our Conflict of Interest Policy.​

Board of Directors:

  • Retain clear understanding of organizational mission/vision
  • Keep abreast of the financial health of the organization
  • Participate in all board meetings (must attend no fewer than 10 per year)
  • Ensure the organization has the resources it needs to operate (funding).
  • Activity participate in Development / Fund Raising
  • Lead or have an active role in at least 1 committee
  • Provide guidance to the Executive director and work collaboratively with other board members.


Board Members:


Past Board of Directors (2017-2019)


Board Members:


Past Board of Directors (2015-2017)

The past Board was elected on January 26, 2015. Officers and Board members of IBPSA-USA are governed by our Conflict of Interest Policy.


Joseph Deringer - President

Erik Kolderup - Vice President

Drury Crawley - Treasurer

Chris Balbach - Secretary

Comments from Chris on his time on the Board: "As I reflect on the close of my recent term of service with the IBPSA-USA Board of Directors,  my thoughts turn towards acknowledging the state of our community, where we been, and where we might go over the next few years.  Only a few short years ago, I felt moved to join the IBPSA-USA board of directors because I firmly felt that “Building Energy Modeling” tools represented the Best Available Technology for identifying cost-effective improvements to our built environment.  I still hold this position. I also felt that one core issue our small but growing community faced was an issue of fragmentation – with many small and separate groups working in somewhat disjointed and uncoordinated fashions. Since then, I have come to recognize the role of IBPSA-USA as the cognizant organization for uniting our community, both in amplifying and repeating our shared goals of our community.  An example of this was the approach used by IBPSA-USA to aggregate comments for inclusion in the DOE Building Energy Modeling Roadmap. 
My advice new incoming IBPSA-USA leadership would be to concentrate on strengthening the bonds that tie our diverse community together, while also looking carefully for creative ways to grow our community by involving new membership and sustainable revenue sources.  Given today’s rapid rate of technological advancement (machine learning, high performance computing, etc.), this will likely involve embracing new ideas, paradigms and ways of working that explore the complex relationships between machines and the humans that use them."

Board Members:

Chip Barnaby - Wrightsoft Corporation
David Eldridge - Grumman/Butkus Associates
Annie Marston - Baumann Consulting
Elizabeth Gilmor - Energetics Consulting Engineers, LLC
Joe Huang - Whitebox Technologies
Pallavi Mantha - Arup
Shanta Tucker - Atelier Ten
Sherry Hu - Pacific Gas & Electric
Tianzhen Hong - Lawrence Berkeley Labs

Comments from Tianzhen on his time on the Board: "As a former member of the IBPSA-USA board, I witnessed tremendous, exciting and growing research and education activites conducted in the building performance simulation community in the United States. With growing demand or regulation on low- and zero-net energy buildings, building simulation becomes a crucial and powerful tool that enables evaluation of energy efficient strategies in the building life cycle to reduce energy use and GHG emissions, combining the traditional technological solutions as well as the human dimensions (social and behavioral science). The future of IBPSA cannot be better consider emerging opportunities in AI, IoT, big data, and large scale (district or city) complex problems."


IBPSA-USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Pursuant to the law, the documents listed below must be disclosed for public inspection.

2011 Form 990 with board member home address information omitted (pdf)

2011 Form 990 as submitted to IRS (available on request, contact

2010 Form 990 with board member home address information omitted (pdf)

2010 Form 990 as submitted to IRS (available on request, contact