Weather Data for Energy Modeling - January 2016

Weather Data for Energy Modeling - January 2016

Every energy model depends on good, accurate weather data. This webinar will offered presentations from three experts to discussed: 
• How weather data files are developed 
• TMY (Typical Meteorological Year) data vs. AMY (Actual Meteorological Year) data 
• Confidence vs. skepticism in weather data 
• Customizing weather data for locations or microclimates 
• Selecting and using the “right” weather data file 
• Future climate impacts and weather models 
• Demonstration of Elements software application from Big Ladder Software and Rocky Mountain Institute (

Our presenters were: 
• Joe Huang, White Box Technologies 
• Michael O’Keefe, Big Ladder Software 
• Ben Brannon, ARUP 

The webinar was recorded for later viewing, and posted at

Also available for your review is each of the presentation slide decks and some of the white papers referenced in the webinar:

Friday, January 22, 2016