Education Committee


The Education Committee is responsible for identifying the educational needs of our membership and creating quality, value-added programs/services to enhance the membership’s knowledge, professionalism, and business development goals. They help to maintain and improve upon existing educational tools, such as BEM Seminars, and the BEMBook Wiki. The Committee also seeks to foster new and developing professionals with scholarships and other professional programs.


The Education Committee host monthly committee meetings to discuss education plans and activities.


IBPSA-USA Monthly Meeting Notes 120315.doc


See the committee website for more information.


Training Videos


Erik Kolderup, P.E., Member ASHRAE, BEMP, LEED® AP, has provided energy consulting services since 1990, serving as Vice President of Eley Associates and Associate Principal at Architectural Energy Corporation in San Francisco, before sta​rting Kolderup Consulting in 2007. He has trained design professionals through organizations such as the Collaborative for High Performance Schools, PG&E, and the State of Hawaii, and has taught hundreds of engineers and architects in the use of VisualDOE. He is a Lecturer at Stanford University where he teaches a course on energy efficient building systems. He holds degrees in electrical engineering and industrial engineering from Stanford University and is an ASHRAE-certified Building Energy Modeling Professional. 



 - Comments on Erics Demo A feed showing comments on this specific content on Re: Erics Demo by Mike Wilson, 19 Feb 2016 16:14:27 UTC Here is my comment. Here is a kinda cool thing...peak power and occupancy at :57 should be clickable and then 1:52 peak plugload power. Mike Wilson Fri, 19 Feb 2016 16:14:27 UTC Re: Erics Demo by M Wilson, 19 Feb 2016 16:16:57 UTC Lets try that with the correct format 00:36 and 01:10 and see what happens M Wilson Fri, 19 Feb 2016 16:16:57 UTC










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00:00 - Marker
00:39 - Marker 2 media
00:54 - Slide 3
01:09 - Marker 4 timeline
01:19 - Marker 5 
01:28 - lighing Occupancy
01:31 - #7 schedule






Education Committee is looking to recruit volunteers to our committee to increase our effort and expand the outreach of building energy modeling education. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining the effort! 



Name Committee Position
Xia Fang Chair
Pallavi Mantha BEM Seminar Subcommittee Chair
Eddy Santosa BEMBook Wiki Subcommittee Chair
Joe Deringer previous chair, IBPSA-USA president
Erik Kolderup IBPSA-USA board member
Mike Wilson Executive Director
Jim Dirkes Committee Member           


Education Plan Activities

The Education Plan Committee has a long established set of IBPSA_USA education efforts. The education plan outlines future education programs, products and efforts for the next three years to keep the education effort towards its goal. 

IBPSA-USA Education Plan 2014-2016.doc


BEM Seminar Activities

The Education Committee has delivered series open-source workshops on Building Energy Modeling in the past several years. We are excited to announce that the Education Committee is working to deliver these past seminars in the form online courses that will be open and free to domestic and international young energy modelers. Keep posted in these new upcoming free online courses!


BEM Library and BEMBook Wiki Activities

Over the pat 6 months the Education Committee has been working to facillitate the promise of a crowd sourced energy modeling best practices and definitions library. Please see the BEM Library site for more detail. In addition we are considering updating BEMBook Wiki site to updating energy modeling content, increase user visit volumes and encourage participation of the Wiki site to best assess which mechanism will work best. We look forward to reporting our findings very soon. Latest committee meeting minutes on this topic is below:

BEMBook Wiki Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 110615.doc