DesignBuilder Simulation Training in Boston


Big Ladder Software

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 77 Massachusetts Ave. Building #9 (Samuel Tak Lee Building), Room # 9-450, Cambridge, MA 02139

July 17 - 18, 2019

This two-day workshop is an excellent opportunity to deepen your DesignBuilder knowledge using features of version 6 of the software. The course is suitable for new and experienced users alike and is structured to give you plenty of worked examples so you can “learn by doing”. No experience with EnergyPlus is required. If you are a new DesignBuilder user, you can use a free 30-day trial license for the workshop.

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Day 1 (July 17) - Modeler

1. Intro to DesignBuilder

2. Geometric Operations

3. Roof Geometry, Outline Blocks, etc.

4. Import Floor Plans and Zoning

5. Model Data, Activities and Zone Merging

6. Construction, Infiltration, and Model Data

Day 2 (July 18) - Simulation

1. Component Blocks (Ground and Adiabatic)

2. Templates

3. Timing - Compact Schedules, Profiles, Holidays

4. Heating and Cooling Load Calculations

5. Simulation & Comparing Results

6. Lighting and Daylighting Control

7. Introduction to Detailed HVAC

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