EnergyPlus EMS Controls Workshop in San Francisco - Big Ladder Software


Big Ladder Software

PG&E Pacific Energy Center - 851 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103

March 29, 2019

This one-day workshop covers the Energy Management System (EMS) capability of EnergyPlus, which allows implementation of custom control strategies and calculation routines that override standard modeling processes within EnergyPlus. We cover the EnergyPlus Runtime Language (Erl) that is used to describe the custom control programs, how to create EMS components (sensors, actuators, output variables, etc.), and how to debug execution of EMS programs. Lecture topics include how to create advanced HVAC control sequences, how to override default HVAC operation (flow rate, setpoint temperature, capacity, etc.), how to abort a simulation when operational faults occur, and how to use outputs to generate trend data. Demonstrations and hands-on exercises are used extensively throughout.

Previous experience with EnergyPlus is recommended but not required

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