Exceeding Standard 90.1-2013 to Meet LEED® Requirements

Exceeding Standard 90.1-2013 to Meet LEED® Requirements

Course Summary:

This course explores ways to obtain significant energy savings and LEED® credits by following the new, more stringent requirements of Standard 90.1-2013, and by using Appendix G rules and procedures.

Appendix G is especially applicable to LEED® credits and to US energy tax credits. Standards 90.1-2010 and 90.1-2013 together produce almost 50% more energy savings from the 2004 version. So, by substantially surpassing Standard 2013 requirements, buildings should achieve well over 50% energy savings.
The course uses eQUEST examples, including live demos, to present an overview of applying key 90.1-2013 requirements and Appendix G rules. The course is targeted at design professionals and building owners.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to save building energy by exceeding the requirements of Standard 90.1
  • Learn the rules and procedures of Appendix G
  • Learn how to earn LEED® credentials and energy tax credits



McHenry Wallace, P.E., Member ASHRAE, LEED® AP

Joseph Deringer, AIA, Member ASHRAE, LEED® AP