Full Building Energy Modeling in Grasshopper and Honeybee - IBPSA-USA Boston Chapter Event


Boston Chapter of IBPSA-USA


February 23, 2021

Please join the Boston chapter of IBPSA for a networking session over Zoom and presentations from Chris Mackey and Mingbo Peng covering topics in fully customizable HVAC modeling workflows (Ironbug) for full-building energy modeling in Grasshopper and Honeybee.

IBPSA-Boston promotes the science of building performance simulation in order to improve new and existing buildings worldwide while connecting Boston-area practioners. 

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When: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Where:  Zoom Meeting (Link will be provided here prior to the event)

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5:00 - 5:30 pm: Zoom happy hour and networking session

5:30 - 6:30 pm: Presentations 

Presentation Abstract:

With the quick pace of the integrated design process, it has become imperative to perform energy modeling early and quickly, and many of the current tools are not fast enough in the time frame required to inform the design. In particular, building a whole building energy model requires manually assigning an HVAC system to every zone. As a result, creating a model with dozens of zones can take weeks, regardless of whether all zones are using the same HVAC system.

This presentation will cover a newly developed Grasshopper toolset -Ironbug- that allows designers and engineers to set all possible parameters for customizing and creating various HVAC configurations in a more automated way, cutting down modeling time from weeks to days. The basic workflow will be presented for building systems templates for the most common, replicable HVAC systems. With this new toolset, modelers will have full access to freely edit any HVAC component and create innovative systems, and there is no need to repeat the entire process when architects or MEP engineers change the design or reorganize interior zone layouts from phase to phase.

Presenter: Chris Mackey

Chris Mackey is a co-founder of Ladybug Tools LLC and a lead developer of its software. He hails from a mixed background of architecture and building science, having applied Ladybug Tools to both professional architecture practice and the architecture + building technology degrees that he holds from MIT. He may be best known for his Ladybug + Honeybee tutorial videos, which are consulted as a learning reference for thousands of professionals and students across the globe.

Chris has added many features to Ladybug Tools including many of the project’s functions for energy modeling, thermal comfort, HVAC sizing, building energy simulation visualization, and detailed envelope heat flow modeling (with LBNL Therm + Window). He oversees the maintenance of the Ladybug + Honeybee Legacy Plugins and is currently in the process of bolstering the Ladybug core with visualization + comfort capabilities, implementing energy modeling capabilities in the Honeybee core, and building Dragonfly to link Ladybug Tools to macro-scale modeling engines and data sets.

Presenter: Mingbo Peng

Mingbo Peng is a application developer and researcher at Ladybug Tools LLC. He is a developer of Design Explorer, Colibri, and Ironbug. Prior to Ladybug Tools, He was working as a senior project consultant at Thornton Tomasetti’s Sustainability practice, where he introduced an efficient parametric workflow for projects that needs full building energy modeling. Mingbo holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Building Design from University of Pennsylvania.

Please spread the word among your colleagues in the Boston area! Stay informed about this event and future ones by signing up for our email list and joining our LinkedIn group. Contact ibpsa.boston@gmail.com with any questions.