IBPSA-USA 2017 Winter Meeting in Las Vegas



PT's Sierra Gold, 6515 S Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89118

January 28, 2017

IBPSA-USA cordially invites you to our 2017 Winter Meeting in Las Vegas. Come join us at PT's Sierra Gold on January 28, 2017 (from 5-9:30 pm PST) to share and discuss IBPSA-USA news, and enjoy the guest presenters for the evening. Theme for the night: Uncertainty in Simulation. See our draft agenda below for more information

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About Sierra Gold: PT's Sierra Gold is located at 6515 S Jones Blvd, at the corner of W Sunset Blvd. See map here. Shuttle bus transport will be provided to guests from Caesar's Palace to Sierra Gold, with return shuttles provided after the event ends. See the transport schedule in the draft agenda below. Sierra Gold is a sports bar and restaurant with a neighborhood feel, that serves food a cut above the usual pub fare. Be sure to check-out their menu on their website.



Uncertainty in Simulation

Draft Schedule:

Pre-Meeting Planning Workshop - "Uncertain Times" (4:00-5:00)
(Ride sharing will be coordinated the week prior)

All members encouraged to participate in this important planning session.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Funding opportunities - looking toward sustainability
  • Activities - Conferences, Education, Research, Other
  • Strategy for uncertain times (Lessons from past Administration changes)

Transport to/from Sierra Gold

  • Pickup times to Sierra Gold from Caesar's Palace:  4:30pm; 5pm; 5:30pm
  • Return to Caesar's Palace: 8:30pm; 9pm; 9:30pm
  • Uber - $11- 15 , Cab - $31

IBPSA Happy Hour, with Business Meeting, & Committees/Projects Updates (5-5:30)

Organizational Items - 5:00 - 5:10

  • Board Elections
  • Financial report
  • BS17 - major coming activity for 2017
  • Membership & Organizational update
  • Committees - new focus for IBPSA-USA (Not just BOD)
  • Other Active & New Committees

Updates - Selected Committees & Projects

  • Projects update 
  • Education committee
  • Research committee report
  • Equality committee

Happy hour (~5:30-6:30)

Visit Committee & Project Tables

  • List of tables: Education, Unmethours, Research, IBPSA-USA business stuff (board election, financial report), Building Simulation 2017 info & registration, editorial committee, equalities committee

Dinner buffet start (6:30)

Dinner presentation/discussion (~7:00-8:30)

  • Announcements
    • Election results
    • Building Simulation 2017
    • Virtual building triathlon winner presentations - student and practitioner (6 finalists total).
  • Presentations
    • Godfried Augenbroe, Georgia Institute of Technology
      • The role of uncertainty in building performance analysis
Professor Augenbroe will briefly discuss the state of the art in uncertainty analysis of building energy models. He will argue that while there is an abundance of methods, there is a lack of convincing application cases. He will support this argument by showing that while uncertainty analysis has gone mainstream and does not need special skills, the significance of its outcomes is minimal unless shown to change real life decision scenarios. The argument is supported by discussing real applications.
    • Marlin Addison, Arizona State University 
      • Using uncertainty analysis with simulations to design a utility DSM program
    • Joe Huang, Whitebox Technologies
      • How uncertain is the weather data that we use?
  • Discussion