IBPSA-USA Solicitation for Building Performance Simulation Conferences, Workshops and Meetings

July 22, 2019

IBPSA-USA seeks proposals from members who are interested in organizing events that serve the building performance simulation community and its allies. Appropriate events could vary significantly in scope, scale and audience: national or regional, large or small, academics or practitioners. The following are some examples.

  • National academic conference on focused simulation topic

  • Regional workshop for simulation practitioners

  • Presentation track or workshop at an existing conference 

  • Policy planning summit 

IBPSA-USA’s goal is to serve the industry by enabling these events through assistance with event planning and execution. These events could be hosted by IBPSA-USA or be hosted by a separate entity with assistance from IBPSA-USA. 

Potential scope of IBPSA-USA assistance

  • Event planning 

  • Program development support

  • Identification of potential collaborators

  • Venue management

  • Promotion

  • Marketing and media management 

  • Registration logistics 

  • Financial management

  • Sponsorship attraction and management

  • Continuing education credit management

  • General liability insurance coverage

Expression of interest

Send an expression of interest to the IBPSA-USA Executive Director, Mike Wilson, at ops@ibpsa.us. Submissions are welcome at any time and will be considered on a monthly basis.  

Include as much of the following information as possible.   

  • Proposed event title

  • Organizer(s) and contact information

  • Description of topic(s)

  • Description of audience

  • Event format 

  • Anticipated number of attendees

  • Duration

  • Date (if known)

  • Proposed venue (if known)

  • Budget (if known)

  • Other individual or organizational participants

  • Desired IBPSA-USA assistance role

Submissions will be reviewed by the IBPSA-USA Conference Committee. If the committee determines there may be a good match, then next steps may include a request for a detailed proposal or an invitation to meet with the committee. Final plans are subject to approval by the IBPSA-USA Board of Directors.