Modelkit for EnergyPlus Workshop in Denver


Big Ladder Software

Big Ladder Software - 1624 Market St. Suite 304, Denver, CO 80202

September 28, 2019

This one-day workshop teaches you to use the Modelkit framework developed by Big Ladder Software for generating EnergyPlus input files. We cover the basics of how Modelkit uses the Ruby programming language in combination with a library of templates to highlight the benefits of these features. We then describe the process of templates being combined together in order to compose the EnergyPlus input file, and how parametric values can be set in one template and passed to another. For example, changing an HVAC system type from "CAV" to "VAV" would require changing a single parameter -- the templates are pre-configured to update EnergyPlus object types, inlet/outlet node connections, and other details accordingly.

We culminate with Big Ladder Software's Modelkit Excel tool that simplifies parametric analysis by allowing users to set parametric values in a spreadsheet tool and apply the Modelkit framework to automatically compose and simulate EnergyPlus input files, as well as compare user-specified results between simulations. By the end of the workshop, you should be comfortable with creating and simulating EnergyPlus input files using the Modelkit framework. Demonstrations and hands-on exercises will be used extensively throughout to generate models with a range of energy-efficiency measures and HVAC system configurations.

Previous experience with EnergyPlus is recommended but not required. You are welcome to register for this workshop separately from the EnergyPlus for Practitioners workshop.

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