2019 Project StaSIO Winners

This year's Project StaSIO competition, held during the ASHRAE BPAC, was a great success! Contestants competed to produce simulation graphics that “told their story” in either a single graphic format or case study.

The winners in the graphics category were:

Graphics Winners – Honor Awards

  • What is the Impact of Curtain Wall Window-Wall Ratio and Louvre Material on Lifetime Carbon and Construction Costs? Submitted by: Kevin He.

  • What are the Carbon Emission Intensities (in lbsCO2/SF) of various structural assemblies? Submitted by: Kelsey Wotila.

Graphics - Honorable Mentions

  • What is the impact of fire station massing and orientation on annual energy use and daylight quantity/quality? Submitted by: John Nichols.
  • What is the impact of an office building massing geometry on the overall energy use across different climate zones? Submitted by: Olivier Brouard, Harshul Singhal, Christine Tiffin.
  • What is the impact of insulation design on condensation risk in laboratory building enclosures? Submitted by: Mansi Dhanuka, Jonathan Weiss, Fred Kaulbach, Richard Wilson.

Case Study Winner – Honor Awards​

  • What is the impact of structural system choice on lifecycle assessment and embodied carbon emissions? Submitted by: Thomas Gibbons, Ian O'Cain, Z. Smith, Haley Allen. Firm Name: Eskew + Dumez + Ripple

Case Studies - Honorable Mention

  • What is the impact of data-driven bottom-up energy modelling approach on local-area energy planning? Submitted by: Joey Aoun. Firm Name: Foster + Partners

ABOUT PROJECT STASIO: For energy analysts, one of the most difficult challenges is condensing a great deal of data into an intelligible format so architects can understand it. For architects, one of the challenges in working with analysts is not knowing what performance-related questions can be asked and answered. A solution that connects both of these is IBPSA-USA's Project StaSIO, a crowd-sourced, public website that connects performance questions with graphics from simulation outputs that succinctly answers the question.

Each year, the Project StaSIO team organizes a competition in conjunction with ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA's Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild. This year over 50 entries were received and an esteemed jury of architects, energy analysts and mechanical engineers selected the winners of the competition. Check out Project StaSIO's new website and look out for details for the 2020 competition.