ASHRAE LowDown Showdown - Kickin’ It up a Notch!

We are Kickin’ It up a Notch for the ASHRAE LowDown Showdown 2017!

Year three of the ASHRAE LowDown Showdown will require teams to be more collaborative, creative and competitive, while serving up a baseline building that is more challenging! This year participants will model an existing building that includes both office space and climate controlled archival warehouse space. Sound interesting? Well, start forming your team now!

The 2017 competition features two new changes: it has changed to a competition from a challenge and conference attendees can now form their own teams to see who has the chops to retrofit an existing building and make it net zero or below. Did we mention the baseline building is in a challenging climate zone? 

Another new twist – while all participating teams will have a poster of their project on display, only a limited number of teams will be invited to formally present at their project at the ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference, Sept. 27-29, 2017 in Atlanta, Ga.  Audience participation will include voting on a “Fan Favorite” and a question and answer session.

More details on the 2017 LDSd will be coming in February and full baseline information will be sent out in early April.

So don’t wait!  Start contacting your colleagues, friends, and associates to put your team together today!

Or, sign-up individually (as in past years) and you will be assigned to a team based on your answers.

Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta in September for the best ASHRAE LowDown Showdown yet!

Sign-up by March 13, 2017.

Complete your participation form here:

See the original announcement on the ASHRAE website.