ASHRAE Seeks Users and Adopters to Revise Standard 209 “Energy Simulation Aided Design for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings”

Building energy modelers, architects, and high-performance building incentive program organizers to are needed to help update ASHRAE Standard 209, first published in 2018. The purpose of Standard 209 is to “define minimum requirements for providing energy design assistance using building energy simulation and analysis.”

The Standard has been referenced by AIA, USGBC, ASHRAE, IBPSA-USA, the University of Virginia, BuildingGreen, Washington State, and by individual architecture firms seeking modeling services. Many of these references are informational. The update to the Standard should strengthen these existing references and make it easier for it to be adopted by other organizations.

The current Standard contains 11 modeling cycles covering many building energy modeling activities that occur over the life cycle of a building:

  • Simple box modeling
  • Conceptual design modeling
  • Load reduction modeling
  • HVAC system selection modeling
  • Design refinement
  • Design integration and optimization
  • Energy simulation aided value engineering
  • As-designed energy performance
  • Change orders
  • As-built energy performance
  • Postoccupancy energy performance comparison

Some of the changes that the committee may consider to increase the Standard’s adoption and utility are:

  • Adding new modeling cycles
  • Including multiple tiers of compliance
  • Adding details and examples for each modeling cycle
  • Including options based on project size, type, and scope
  • Including analysis other than whole-building energy analysis
  • Reporting of carbon emission
  • Adding support for residential modeling
  • Restructuring the requirement for modeling credentials to be more inclusive
  • Aligning with industry performance tracking
  • Adding example scope of work referencing language

Other suggestions are also welcomed.

If you are interested in helping to improve Standard 209 and

  • you use building energy modeling to perform any of the modeling cycles
  • your organization either currently does or could reference the Standard
  • you specify building energy modeling services

please consider helping. Candidates to participate in the revision process may apply for one of three possible roles:

  • Voting members
  • Non-voting members
  • Interested participants

The voting and non-voting members will directly update the document by forming topical workgroups. Voting members count toward the committee’s quorum so planning to participate in all full committee meetings is important. Voting and non-voting members should apply to ASHRAE at the following link:

There are a limited number of voting members, so some may be accepted as non-voting members.

Interested participants are encouraged to attend and participate in meetings, will be surveyed for determination of priorities, and may only comment on documents when they are available for public review. If you want to be an interested participant, please send an email to me at:

Thank you,


(previous and future chair of SPC 209)


Reproduction and publication of this article and its contents in no way implies that IBPSA-USA endorses the products/services mentioned.