Be a Part of the IBPSA-USA Mentorship Program!

IBPSA-USA is proud to introduce to you the Mentorship Program, currently under its first pilot year and officially launching in the fall of 2018. 

Whether you are an practitioner, developer, or a business owner, we encourage you to join the Mentorship Network; a place to get to know your peers and an opportunity to ask the questions about career growth.

What is the Mentorship Program about?

The Mentorship Program offers a 1-to-1 mentorship where the program matches you with a mentor in the industry who best fits your application needs. Whether you want to further your academic journey, become a developer, learn to be a better practitioner, start your own business, or understand what it takes to play a bigger role at work, the program aims to match you with mentors that can offer you new perspectives and valuable insights money can’t buy. 

In exchange, the Program only asks two things from participants, particularly for mentees: 1) be an IBPSA-USA member, and 2) commit to try. 

Not an IBPSA-USA member? Sign-up here.

For prospective mentors, being a part of the network is completely free. In addition, by becoming a mentor, you are eligible for IBPSA Fellow and other recognition awards.

For more information, please visit the Mentorship Program website at where you can find the mentee/mentor applications due by November 30th, 2018. Additionally, the pilot program is aiming to foster limited pairs in its first year, so space is limited! Apply Today!

Mentorship Program Website

Follow a few simple steps:

  1. Fill out an application to be a mentee or a mentee (or both!)
  2. Wait until November 30th for matching 
  3. Receive notifications from the program

The Development History of the Program

Development of the program began with the IBPSA-USA Equalities Committee survey in 2017. From the survey results, we discovered that 39% of the respondents answered "no" to: “Do you have a clear understanding of your career or promotion path?” 

When asked: "If you answered 'no,' what would help you get a clearer understanding?", most respondents voted for mentoring and having a role model to visualize their career path. We also learned from the survey that 57% of respondents didn't have a role model or mentor opportunity in their place of work.

We listened to your valuable feedback, and IBPSA-USA has launched its first mentorship program! The IBPSA-USA Equalities Committee has helped launch this program based on volunteer efforts of the committee members, and IBPSA-USA staff. If you’d like to join this effort, please email us at [email protected].