BEM Jeopardy, A Big Winner!

The semiannual meeting of IBPSA-USA was held online July 29, 2020 across three time zones. The event featured short introductions followed by a rousing game of online Jeopardy. Attendees were broken up into smaller groups and placed in Zoom rooms with a pre-assigned moderator/host. Participants were randomly placed into game rooms then asked to self organized into teams. Next, participants were challenged to provide Jeopardy style questions to answers found under various BEM related categories. These categories ranged from Building Science, Climate Disaster Movies and history of IBPSA-USA.


Game moderators included students from Georgia Tech and our own IBPSA-USA President Dru Crawley.

“Next time we’ll pair this event with adult beverages to give some of us a competitive advantage” said one participant who asked not to be identified.

The winners included room one “Setpoints” who narrowly defeated team “Coho”. Meanwhile in room two "Boulder County" beat “Other Team” and neither group won the award for best named team. That award was given to team “Coho” so they would feel better about their earlier loss to the Setpoints.

Finally a special thanks to Supriya Goel for leading the effort by coordinating the volunteers, soliciting questions from IBPSA-USA membership and acting as cheerleader to ensure a good time was had by all.

Stay tuned as IBPSA-USA plans on similar follow up social events in the near future.