IBPSA-USA Board Nomination Period Opens


The nomination period for the IBPSA-USA Board of Directors is now open!

IBPSA-USA holds elections once every year. Board members serve two year terms. This year we have elected to move to staggered terms so that every year fresh voices can be added to our Board.

Board of Directors:

  • Retain clear understanding of organizational mission/vision
  • Keep abreast of the financial health of the organization
  • Participate in all board meetings (must attend no fewer than 10 per year)
  • Ensure the organization has the resources it needs to operate (funding).
  • Activity participate in Development / Fund Raising
  • Lead or have an active role in at least 1 committee
  • Provide guidance to the Executive director and work collaboratively with other board members.

We ask that members submit nominations for themselves, or others during the nomination period.

The election of board members will take place February 1, 2020 at the IBPSA-USA Winter Meeting in Orlando.

All IBPSA-USA members are eligible to vote either in person or by proxy. Board members serve two-year terms; the next board will serve from February 2020 through January 2022.

All persons interested in serving on the board, (or wishing to nominate someone), must submit using the link to the nomination form below: a brief candidate's statement (150 words), and a CV or resume by December 1, 2019. Nominees must be current IBPSA-USA members. Search our member database at http://ibpsausa.wildapricot.org/. Not a member? Sign-up here.

Click Here to access the nomination form

After the nomination period, a slate of candidates will be created and the voting period will be open from Dec. 10 to Feb. 1st at 3:00 PM PST/ 6 PM EST.

We will provide IBPSA-USA members with three options to vote:

  1. Online
  2. Email - just send the names of your top 7 choices from the slate of candidates to [email protected] with the subject line IBPSA-USA Election
  3. Mail/ Hand deliver to: 5356 Locksley Ave. Oakland, CA 94618

At the February 1st, 2020 meeting: ballots will be available for last minute paper voting.

After voting closes, the votes are tallied from online, email and paper submissions and announced later in the evening at the event, and via our website and email list.