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IBPSA-USA cordially invites you to our 2016 Winter Meeting in Orlando. Come join us at Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar to share and discuss IBPSA-USA news, and enjoy the guest presenters for the evening. We're also introducing a new format for the night--see the agenda below.


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When: Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)

Where: Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar, Orlando 

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Focus will be on networking, socialization and interactive presentations. 


Automatic Generation of Baseline Buildings for Energy Performance Standards

A lively interactive discussion on automatically generated baseline buildings in software for building energy standards. An opportunity to explore how IBPSA-USA might mobilize and coordinate stakeholder review and input to future versions of such processes, especially those processes that have received substantial public funding.

Schedule with Details of Program Below

  • 16:00           Software Demonstrations of Automatic Generation of Baseline Buildings for Energy Performance Standards (Part 1)
  • 17:00           Happy Hour Begins – software demos continue
  • 17:30           Short presentations by software vendors
  • 18:00           Current and Future Plans for Building Performance Methods and Energy Standards (Part 2)
  • 18:45           IBPSA-USA Business Update
  • 19:00           Buffet Opens
  • 19:30           Panel Discussion - Audience Driven Q/A Session (Part 3)
  • 21:00           Adjourn


Automatic Generation of Baseline Buildings for Energy Performance Standards:

A Program in 3 Parts


Part 1:  Software Demonstrations of Automatic Generation of Baseline Buildings for Energy Performance Standards

IBPSA-USA has invited a number of software developers to demonstrate the capabilities of their simulation software to automatically generate baseline buildings for Energy Performance Standards. This will include what features the software now has, and what related features are being planned or developed features at this time. Software developers are to focus on how their software deals with energy performance standards -- not overall features of their software. That might be a topic for a demonstration at a future IBPSA-USA meeting, but not this one.

Logistics: IBPSA-USA will provide a 5 ft wide table for each demonstrator. We anticipate that 10 or more software vendors will be present to make such demonstrations.  Followed at 17:30 with short (3 minute) presentations focusing on what automated energy standards compliance options they support and how it works. 

Vendors invited include:

  • California CBEC-COM (Dimitri Contoyannis, Noresco)
  • Open Studio-based compliance tools (Andrew Parker, NREL)
  • COMcheck (Bing Liu, PNNL)
  • IES-VE (Liam Buckley, IES)
  • Trace (Matt Biesterveld, Trane)
  • AECOsim Energy Simulator (Don Shirey, Bentley Systems)
  • Autodesk (Krishnan Gowri, Autodesk)
  • DesignBuilder (Dave Cocking)
  • EnergyGauge (Rob Vieira and Muthusamy Swami , FSEC)
  • Simergy (Richard See, Digital Alchemy)


Part 2:  Current and Future Plans for Building Performance Methods and Energy Standards

Moderated by Chris Balbach, start at 18:00

This forum offers both software developers and software users an opportunity to share and discuss recent product and process developments in this area. Through this process of knowledge transfer, IBPSA-USA seeks to communicate current capabilities of software tools and platforms and also to identify proper roles for our organization to engage in future tool / platform developments, especially regarding open-source and publically funded initiatives. To this end, presenters are encouraged to discuss these issues as they relate to both current and future (planned) automated baseline model generation capabilities, along with expected feature release schedules, etc. To audience members – please note down your questions but hold on to them, as immediately following, we will hold a moderated panel discussion where attendees and presenters alike will have the opportunity to engage. 

Invited presenters include:

  • Michael Rosenberg (ASHRAE/DOE/PNNL activities re 90.1 App. G)
  • Gina Rodda (California Title 24, CBECC-Com)
  • Andrew Parker (NREL, OpenStudio)
  • Dimitri Contoyannis (Noresco, CBECC-Com)
  • Muthusamy Swami (FSEC, EnergyGauge)


Part 3: Panel Discussion - Audience Driven Q/A Session

Moderated by Dru Crawley, start at 19:30

Invited panelists include:

  • Gina Rodda (California Title 24)
  • Mike Rosenberg & Jason Glazer (Standard 90.1)
  • Neil Bulger (Integral Group)
  • Muthusamy Swami (Florida Solar Energy Center, EnergyGauge)
  • Alamelu Brooks (ICF International)
  • Pallavi Mantha (Arup)

Q&A session on automated generation of building performance baseline buildings, new 90.1 energy performance method and other building energy standards software issues.