Emerging Professionals and Students of IBPSA-USA (EPSI) Group

IBPSA-USA is proud to unveil, EPSI, a brand-new networking group for Emerging Professionals and Students. This group will serve IBPSA-USA members who have 5 years or less of experience in the building performance industry. EPSI will host and share events with its membership that focus on topics to build the knowledge base and confidence of emerging professionals and students entering the work force: professional development hurdles, academic paths, fundamental building energy modeling skills, etc. In EPSI, professionals and students will get an opportunity to showcase their projects, portfolio, experience, and skills. Join us in collaborating with your peers, sharing your knowledge, and volunteering for leadership roles as part of the EPSI organizing committee. 

Interested in joining EPSI? Please fill out our short application form today.

If you are interested in being more than just a part of this group, don't forget to select the "Being a part of the organizing committee" option in the application form

Please contact us at epsi@ibpsa.us if you have any questions.