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Many of you reading this will have already benefited from using our online tutorials in recent years. Having been the first to provide that level of on-demand content for our customers, we are excited to announce another industry first…DesignBuilder’s brand new (and more in-depth) interactive on-demand training content is now available, so you can take your modeling skills to a new level!

“We found DesignBuilder’s new online training content super helpful, giving us a very fast and convenient way to learn DesignBuilder without the cost and hassle of travel, hotels, etc. It has really helped shorten our team’s learning curve and gives us confidence in using DesignBuilder for our upcoming projects."

Junru Shen, Building Performance Consultant, Stantec, Vancouver, CA

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Coronavirus has changed the way most of us will operate for the foreseeable future. But it hasn’t changed the need to learn the modelling skills required to maintain your competitive edge when designing or certifying for building performance. Or the need to get your staff quickly up to speed so they can become productive much faster. If you are involved in building performance modelling and simulation and want to learn new skills, or simply update yourself, then here are a few of the many reasons why you should try DesignBuilder’s new eLearning:

  • Convenient: content accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Flexible: modular content, so you can select only those subjects of interest if preferred.
  • Cost-effective: around half the price of classroom training and no cost for travel, hotels etc.
  • Step-by-step learning: intuitive, easy-to-follow training videos to learn at your own pace.
  • Interactive: in-session quizzes test knowledge and consolidate learning…provide the correct answers on key points to progress and complete!
  • Supporting content: exercises, models and all required content provided for each topic.
  • Credibility: content developed by DesignBuilder’s expert technical staff with decades of simulation and training experience.
  • Productivity: focused on key functionality with tips to maximise modeling efficiency and accuracy.
  • Top tips: pointers from DesignBuilder Technical Support to help you avoid problems.
  • Certificates: after demonstrating your knowledge you will be rewarded with a completion certificate for your professional development records.

The interactive structure of this training content will help to ensure you learn the fundamentals of building performance simulation and modeling quickly and effectively. The comprehensive content includes over 14 hours of recorded material (with additional quizzes and exercises) broken down into 25 fundamental topics. This is equivalent to 4 full days in a classroom with an expert DesignBuilder trainer.

“DesignBuilder’s on-demand simulation training helped us to get new employees up to speed much more quickly. The training covers all the main software uses and helped staff to become productive so that they could efficiently and confidently meet client needs much faster than they otherwise would. As experienced users of DesignBuilder we also found it very useful for updating and refreshing our own knowledge on the latest tools and techniques.”

Arch Daniele Alberico, Director, SGM Architecture

On Demand Training for Academia

DesignBuilder’s new on-demand training content is perfect for use within an academic curriculum, particularly whilst social distancing restrictions remain in place. The interactive content enables students to learn the software fundamentals in a flexible and effective way without any lecturer input or the need for a classroom. This allows lecturers to focus their time on meeting core curriculum aims, rather than teaching software. UCL’s experience using the new training content over the last academic year is summarised here:

“UCL introduced both DesignBuilder and their new on-demand online training into our simulation-related curriculum in 2019. The online training content removes the need for us to teach software fundamentals, and that means our lecturers can focus on more specific/advanced priorities during valuable classroom time. Introducing DesignBuilder and their on-demand training to our curriculum has been so successful that we are exploring deeper integration of the online learning content within our teaching modules in the next academic year."

Prof Dejan Mumovic CEng FCIBSE FIBPSA MASHRAE, Professor of Building Performance Analysis, Director, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, UK

If you are an educator working in academia and would like to discuss Academic discounts for your university or for individual students please do contact us for more information.

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