Monthly Board Member Message: Carrie Brown

I’ve been an East coast / West coast hopper for my entire life. I grew up outside of Philly, went to undergrad in the Boston area, did a master's in the Bay area, returned to Boston for my PhD, and then settled (for now) in Oakland for work. On a student budget, I sought out any supplemented travel that would help me visit friends and family on whatever coast I was opposite of at the time.

So, when living in Cambridge, I jumped at the opportunity for a student scholarship to travel back to Berkeley for the 2008 SimBuild Conference (perhaps you remember me as that girl with the pink hair). What I found when I arrived was an amazing network of talented and supportive colleagues that would help shape the next decade of my professional experience.

I’ve been a happily active IBPSA member since then, returning to SimBuild as a student again in 2010 in NYC, and was very honored to serve as the Scientific Committee chair and a Steering Committee member for the 2014 and 2016 ASHRAE/IBPSA conferences.

Professionally, my work focuses on building simulation and energy policy research, with an emphasis on Zero Net Energy (ZNE) and Zero Carbon in commercial, residential, and multifamily buildings. As somewhat of a generalist, my role is often bridging disciplines and acting as translator. My IBPSA network has been an invaluable resource for staying up to date in a wide range of topics, and I am continuously impressed with both the member depth of knowledge and their willingness to share.

I have gained so much from this organization, and I hope to give back whatever support I can. While I’ve enjoyed helping to organize IBPSA and ASHRAE conferences (and continue to do so), I am also excited and honored to be given the opportunity to serve on the IBPSA-USA Board of Directors.

I look forward to seeing you all in Long Beach, San Francisco, and Atlanta in the coming months!

Best regards,


Carrie Brown, Senior Technical Consultant at Resource Refocus
Board of Directors, Secretary, at IBPSA-USA