New Host for the Contrasting Building Simulation Tools Website

IBPSA Fellows Drew Crawley and Jon Hand would like to announce a new host site for our Contrasting simulation tools web pages on Jason Glazer’s A big thanks to Jason for supporting our work! Check out:

The traditional (slower connection) site is still available at:

And there have been some recent updates to the benchmarks looking at the impact of upgrading from I5 to I7 processors in the tools pages. If you want to look at the benchmarks for all tools together (including timings for Radiance glare studies across a mix of hardware and OS) look in:

There are still gaps in the tables and several simulation tools which are under-reported. If you have information that would help fill in these gaps or would like to comment on existing pages please email Jon Hand @ [email protected].

-Originally announced by Jon Hand via Bldg-sim list on August 20, 2019- 


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