President's Message - December 2018: 2018 in IBPSA-USA


2018 in IBPSA-USA

You’ve been wondering what IBPSA-USA members were up to in 2018? Well, here’s a list of how they’ve been saving the world, with a feast of hyperlinks for your holiday enjoyment.

Members gathered for drinks and to advance the state of the art at the winter meeting in Chicago and summer meeting in Houston.

Nearly 400 simulationists shared their research and experience at our joint conference with ASHRAE, Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild, held in October in Chicago.

IBPSA-USA awarded conference travel scholarships to 8 students and 4 young practitioners, with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Chapters shared presentations via webinars, which you can view during the holidays to catch up.

New chapters formed in Phoenix, AZ and Madison, WI.

The Architectural Simulations subcommittee of the Research Committee staged a competition for Project StaSIO, and winners were announced at the October SimBuild conference. Check out the inspiring graphics and case studies.

  How can I visualize the upstream and downstream impact of design decisions?   Check out the full submission HERE    Submitted by:  Aly Abdelalim

The Awards Committee presented the biennial IBPSA-USA honors at the conference in October.

The Advocacy Committee members continued a series of discussions with the U.S. Department of Energy about simulation software development, especially regarding future development of the OpenStudio application.

The Equalities Committee kicked off a Mentorship Program.

The Urban Scale Simulation Research sub-committee hosted two webinars.

  • Recent development in Urban Scale Simulation. Carlos Cerezo Davila, KPF. December 17.

A group of members started planning for a potential new standard for simulation data exchange.

IBPSA-USA partnered with ASHRAE to offer two training sessions – Energy Modeling Best Practices and Applications – in Houston in June and online in October.  

The IBPSA-USA Board of Directors and staff continued to maintain and improve several resources.

Finally, here’s a preview of coming attractions. Members are working on some exciting activities for 2019.

  • Active outreach to architects on using simulation

  • Connections with policy makers and utilities regarding simulation for compliance and incentive programs

  • The Next Big Thing, an online forum for emerging research

  • BEM Database, an online platform for simulation data

Let’s get together to talk about all this stuff at the winter meeting, January 12 in Atlanta. Here’s one last hyperlink for 2018: Register!


Erik Kolderup
Board of Directors, President, IBPSA-USA
[email protected]