President's Message - October 2017

Finding Friends

For some of us, simulation is a lonely business. No one really understands us. We explain what we do, why we deserve some love. We fight for attention and respect. 

When we want a break, what can we do? When it’s time for a re-charge, where can we turn?

How about the Modeler Map? There you can browse your corner of the earth to find friendly simulationists in your neighborhood. As this resource matures, I think it will be a great service to all of us IBPSA-USA members. Not only will we find our friends, but the rest of the building industry will find us too.

And there’s no better place to find friendly modelers than at your nearest IBPSA-USA chapter. Find the chapter list at

Students can find friends too! Pioneering UC Berkeley students set up the first student chapter in 2016. Stanford students set up a chapter this year, and Harvard is on the way. These groups found that the interest in building performance simulation spanned departments, and IBPSA-USA provides a forum to meet people with similar interests from different disciplines. I find this development extremely exciting!

It’s debatable, but I think that peak IBPSA-USA friendliness happens twice a year during happy hour at our member meetings. I personally love the chance to catch up with the tribe. Our next friend fest happens Saturday, January 20, 2018 in Chicago. I hope you can be there:


Erik Kolderup
Board of Directors, President, IBPSA-USA