President's Message - September 2017

Advocating for Our Industry

There’s a lot going on in IBPSA-USA. Last month I highlighted a list of activities: This month I’d like to focus on one activity: the Advocacy Committee. This group is taking first steps on what I think will be an important path for our organization.   

One goal of the committee is to provide feedback on policies, programs and public funding that affect our industry. The idea is that decisions on policies, programs and funding affect IBPSA-USA members. Those decisions affect the work we perform and the tools we use. They affect both energy modelers and software developers. 

In one of the first advocacy activities, board members participated last week in a meeting to discuss the future of California energy code compliance software. The two-day meeting in Sacramento included government and utility representatives as well as software developers, national lab staff, and consultants. IBPSA-USA helped represent the software user in the proceedings.

Since advocacy is a new activity for IBPSA-USA, the role and the approach will certainly evolve. If you have ideas about the appropriate role for our organization, then please contact me or one of the other board members



Erik Kolderup
Board of Directors, President, IBPSA-USA