President's Message - September 2018: Password Scores Stickers

Password Scores Stickers

The conference starts tomorrow! Those of you attending the Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild in Chicago will find yourself with an unprecedented opportunity to score a first edition IBPSA-USA sticker. If you’re a member of IBPSA-USA, present yourself at the IBPSA-USA table and get a sticker! If you’re not yet a member, you can sign up on the spot. As a special bonus for readers of this message, use the secret password for a second sticker! And get there early while supplies lasts. 

You may be saying, “nice stickers, but what’s the deal with that logo?” Well, I recently wondered the same thing and was pleased to find the story here: “It represents the junction (via simulation.... the ellipse) between buildings (the horizontal bars) and the world of research and practice (the vertical bars).” There you go.

That logo story also applies perfectly to our conference: a meeting of research and practice. The program includes 120 paper and poster presentations and 65 non-paper presentations. I find these joint ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA conferences to be especially valuable as a place to learn best practices as well as leading-edge research.

There’s more to the conference than just stickers and compelling presentations. On Wednesday evening there’s a networking reception at 5:30 p.m. where you can show off your new stickers. On Thursday evening there’s a 6:00 p.m. reception with awards presentations for IBPSA-USA, the Low Down Showdown and Project StaSIO. Check out the full conference schedule with the ASHRAE 365 app on your phone. 

Finally, I’d like to express thanks to Krishnan Gowri, Chair of the Steering Committee, and Rahul Athalye, Chair of the Scientific Committee. They and their team of volunteers put in a huge amount of work to make this a great conference. 

I’m excited to see many of you there! 

The password is SimBuild


Erik Kolderup
Board of Directors, President, IBPSA-USA
[email protected]