Public Review Open: ASHRAE Standard 205P


Public review comments are now being sought through July 28 for BSR/ASHRAE Standard 205P "Representation of Performance Data for HVAC&R and Other Facility Equipment."

The standard specifies data models and serialization formats for equipment performance data for automated exchange of information needed for building simulation.

Simulation models allow prediction of the fuel consumption and carbon emissions of mechanical equipment given information about how the equipment performs under all conditions. The lack of detailed equipment performance data in readily-usable forms has hampered the application of building simulation models since their invention in the 1960s and 1970s. Data are often not available or published in inconsistent formats, forcing simulation users to resort to default information and/or time consuming (and error-prone) reformatting.

Standard 205 addresses this deficiency by defining common data models and serialization formats for facility equipment performance data, allowing automated exchange among data sources (manufacturers), simulation models, and other engineering applications. The formats and procedures specified by Standard 205 are developed under ASHRAE and ANSI consensus processes with participation of equipment manufacturers, application software developers, and engineering practitioners. The intent is that all data publishers write common-format data files and all application software will include suitable procedures to read files using that format.

The draft has been substantially revised based on the first public review comments and on-going committee work.

To access the draft standard and submit comments, go to:

That page provides all of the Public Review Draft Standards. Find Standard 205P in the left hand column.

Comments must be received by July 28, 2020.