RESNET RFP for Energy Modeling Director

The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) is accepting proposals from energy modeling experts to work with RESNET staff as a consulting authority on issues concerning the consistency of RESNET accredited HERS® Rating Software Tools.

Information on the RFP can be found here.

RESNET will be forming a Software Consistency Committee whose members will include representatives of all RESNET accredited HERS Software Providers and other independent subject matter experts.

The RESNET Energy Modeling Director will act as the arbitrator of the Software Consistency Committee (SCC), making technical decisions about modeling tests, requirements, and guidelines with the support of other members of the committee.  The position will also be the liaison between the SCC and RESNET staff. 

Proposals will be accepted from individuals or a team of individuals.

Other responsibilities would include:

  • Respond to software modeling consistency inquiries from RESNET membership:
    • Investigate instances of software modeling tools calculating different results with similar inputs.
    • Research and identify what major drivers are causing the inconsistency by using the relevant software tools and leveraging the Software Consistency Committee.
    • Propose resolutions that will enhance consistency between software tools.
  • Generate and update modeling guidelines to improve consistency of modeling techniques between software tools.
  • Propose RESNET Standards updates to enhance software consistency.
  • Enhance and expand RESNET test suites to enforce software consistency.
  • Assist in development of Scope of Work for a single source modeling engine.

It is estimated that the work would involve between 20 to 80 hours a month.

The contract will be for two years with an annual option to renew.

Requirements for a successful Candidate:

  • Significant experience with developing and testing (not just using) energy modeling software.
  • Deep and up-to-date knowledge of methodologies and best practices for modeling residential energy use.
  • Access to other energy modeling industry expertise.
  • Ability to evaluate accuracy of various energy modeling techniques.
  • Adeptness at using advanced capabilities of energy modeling software to diagnose unexpected results.
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly, and to understand RESNET business constraints when developing consistency resolution proposals.

Proposals shall be submitted by August 15, 2018.

Learn more about submitting your proposal.

RESNET is an ANSI accredited national consensus standard development organization.  It’s RESNET/International Code Council ANSI Standard 301 has been adopted in the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code has the means to calculate the Energy Rating Index compliance method.  Annually over 228,000 homes has rated following RESNET’s standards.  To date over 2 million homes have been HERS rated in the USA.  For more information go to