Review: IBPSA-USA Summer Meeting in Atlanta 2015

IBPSA-USA members and friends gathered at the Ellis Hotel in Downtown Atlanta for our 2015 Summer meeting, which was held Saturday, June 27th during ASHRAE’s Annual Conference. Close to 60 attendees showed up to the event to share IBPSA-USA news, and enjoy the presenters of the evening.Joe Raised His Hand During a Lively Discussion.

The night kicked-off with the pre-dinner presentations and happy hour, with the President’s Report by Joe Deringer, followed with Executive Director Mike Wilson’s report on current IBPSA-USA projects. Mr. Wilson updated everyone on the status of the Amistadi library project, the BEST Directory, Unmet Hours, and the new features and changes to the IBPSA-USA website.

"The IBPSA-USA happy hour is always a highlight of my ASHRAE meeting experience," said IBPSA-USA Vice President Erik Kolderup. "Where else can you chat with so many modeling movers and shakers?"

More IBPSA-USA updates followed, with committee highlights, chapter news, and upcoming conference information. This was followed by a pre-dinner discussion on the Commercialism Policies of IBPSA-USA and ASHRAE, and then an open-mic session.

Before dinner, guests got to hear about IBPSA-USA business news and announcements, including a financial report by board Treasurer Dru Crawley, and a membership update by Vice President Erik Kolderup. After dinner, guests were then treated to the feature presentation of the night.

The dinner feature, “Autotune Calibration and Uncertainty Quantification,” was presented by Dr. Joshua New, a computer scientist from ORNL. The “Autotune” project has developed a scalable, automated methodology to quickly calibrated BEM to measured data using machine learning, evolutionary computation, and multi-objective algorithms that has been deployed on commodity hardware. Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) using High Performance Computing (HPC) resources was also shared, which has been used to rank the most important input parameters in terms of impact to building energy consumption.

 “I liked how the presenter balanced the content with technical information and a description of how this super-computer can be accessed through the applications process,” said IBPSA-USA board member Shanta Tucker.

See a PPT version of Joshua New’s presentation here, which is also available for download.

Overall, everyone had a great time catching up with fellow IBPSA-USA members and colleagues, and we look forward to doing it again at our upcoming Winter Meeting in Orlando. Thank you to all that attended, with a special thank you to our sponsors:

Platinum: Autodesk
Silver: Urjanet