Review: IBPSA-USA Winter Meeting in Orlando 2016

IBPSA-USA members and friends gathered at Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar in Orlando for our 2016 Winter meeting, which was held Saturday, January 23rd--during the 2016 ASHRAE Winter Conference. More than 70 attendees showed up to hear and share IBPSA-USA news, and to enjoy the guest presenters for the evening. See photos of the event here, and below. Also, the new format for the event -- with a focus on networking, socialization and interactive presentations -- was a rousing success for guests!

"Members told us they wanted a more interactive format and more networking and that's exactly what we gave them," said Executive Director Mike Wilson.

This sentiment was echoed by other attendees, including Krishnan Gowri, Principle Engineer at Autodesk. "This bi-annual event continues to be a valuable avenue to share our progress and learn from the industry experts in advancing the use of simulation during early design. This year’s event was special because of the new program format and the opportunity to interact with the members," he explained. "With the recent release of Insight 360, we hope to get valuable feedback from the IBPSA community."

We thank Autodesk for providing sunglasses to all attendees, and for their continued support as a Platinum Sponsor.

The main theme for the night was "Automatic Generation of Baseline Buildings for Energy Performance Standards," and the night kicked-off with a lively interactive discussion on automatically generated baseline buildings in software for building energy standards. This was an opportunity to explore how IBPSA-USA might mobilize and coordinate stakeholder reviews and input to future versions of such processes--especially those processes that have received substantial public funding. We invited a number of software developers to demonstrate the capabilities of their simulation software to automatically generate baseline buildings for Energy Performance Standards.

"Automated baselines have tremendous potential to save energy modelers valuable time and effort that could be better spent in refining their building designs," said Dimitri Contoyannis, PE, Director, Sustainability Services at NORESCO. "This year’s IBPSA-USA Winter Meeting brought together all the key players in this area for a focused discussion on the available software tools, implementation challenges, and future development plans. It was an extremely informative discussion and I was excited to participate." We thank NORESCO for their support as a Bronze Sponsor

IBPSA-USA member Liam Buckley, Project Manager and Business Development Manager at IESalso had positive things to say about the discussion.

"The theme of ‘Compliance’ affects most of us in some way, and the audience enjoyed hearing multiple balanced perspectives from the various software vendors," he said. "I hope we can continue to get more forward thinking practitioners involved for future panel discussions." We thank IES for their support as a Bronze Sponsor.

The night continued with a happy hour, short presentations, more discussion, an IBPSA-USA Business Update, and closed with an audience driven Q/A panel discussion after dinner. Overall, folks had a good time chatting with colleagues throughout, and sharing information as professionals in the field of building energy modeling.

"I enjoyed meeting others from the building energy modeling industry and hearing different perspectives on software development," said Caitlin Kincaid Bohnert, C.D.S. Marketing Engineer at Trane Commercial Systems.

We thank everyone for attending, and we're glad our new format was met with success! We'll continue working to deliver high-quality events that our useful, and engaging, to our members. We hope to see everyone at our 2016 Summer Meeting in St. Louis! Please be on the lookout for further details.

See a selection of photos from the event below, and view all photos here on Dropbox.