Sponsored Content: EDSL Announces New Tas 9.5 release!


64-bit Tas is finally here along with many productivity and automated task improvements.


Please find below a list of some of the new features:

64-bit application:

All Tas applications have been updated from 32-bit to 64-bit. Improvements to memory limitations allow for much bigger, more complex models.  Tas can now handle even more detailed daylight, thermal, and HVAC systems analysis.

Repetitive Task Automation:

  • Automated workflows to complete ASHRAE design day load sizing
  • Improved automation of ASHRAE 90.1 appendix G baselines (2007-2016)
  • Automation for LEED v2009 and v4 Minimum Energy Performance Calculator spreadsheet
  • Automated LEED daylight credit calculation v2009, v4, 4.1

Workflow/ Interoperability:

  • Create editable Tas 3D Modeller geometry from imported EnergyPlus and eQuest files. 
  • Run shading calculations from EnergyPlus data in Tas, utilizing our multi-core and peer-to-peer calculation options
  • Improvements to BIM-to-BEM and BEM-to-BEM interoperability for transdiciplinary teams/ workflows

User Experience:

  • UI updates to modernise the look and feel, improve clarity/ legibility. 
  • Improve productivity further with fast simulation engine, 30 times faster than other industry tools
  • Improved navigation across tabular, graphical, and 3D data representations for easier exploration, troubleshooting, and QA/ QC

Expanded Licensing:

  • New Network license option:
    • Easily share licenses between computers and offices
    • Lease licenses for guaranteed offline access or during travel
  • Standalone:
    • Flexible, short-term commitment monthly and cost effective annual subscriptions
    • Multi-seat:  Discounted license bundle for increased processing power 


Try Tas 9.5 today by clicking this link, new offers available for new licensing options


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