Update on IBPSA-USA Advocacy Committee Activities

IBPSA-USA Community,

The IBPSA-USA Advocacy Committee was formed in 2017 to establish better communication between IBPSA-USA members and the government and utility decision makers that influence how building performance simulation is used in our industry.

The committee began as an effort to address IBPSA-USA member questions about the mission and strategy of the U.S. Department of Energy and the national labs with regard to simulation tool development and how those might affect private vendors of software tools and practitioners.

While this committee started primarily as a group of software vendors, it has grown to include practitioners and other stakeholders from IBPSA-USA membership. A list of committee members can be found on the Advocacy Committee website. The Advocacy Committee provides a venue for IBPSA-USA members to engage with DOE as representatives of the simulation industry in the United States.

The Advocacy Committee has met regularly with leadership from DOE and NREL to address confusion surrounding the future of OpenStudio and to gain a clearer understanding for “what's next” and why. Minutes from these meetings can can be found here online.

Future Advocacy Committee activities are planned to expand IBPSA-USA’s outreach to utilities and energy code regulators around the country. The Advocacy Committee wishes to engage with a broad range of stakeholders to ensure that energy modeling workflows are well understood by all affected parties, and opportunities to streamline the process are identified with a goal of increasing adoption of performance-based analysis.

The activities of this committee have generated significant interest but, while IBPSA-USA welcomes the participation of anybody, there is a maximum size of the subcommittees in order to keep the discussion productive. If you would like to participate, or if you have questions or concerns related to this committee, please contact the committee chair at [email protected].

Important Note: Although IBPSA-USA provides the venue for discussion, the views and opinions expressed by Advocacy Committee members do not necessarily reflect those of IBPSA-USA.