Wisconsin Chapter Event Recap: Chilled Water - Thermal Battery at Trane

On November 14, 2019, the IBPSA-USA Wisconsin Chapter participated in a tour of the Trane® centrifugal chiller manufacturing plant, and viewed an ice storage configuration used on the site. The presentation covered design and control considerations that should be taken into account for energy modeling of ice storage/thermal battery plants.

The event was held in the customer visit center that is attached to the Trane centrifugal chiller manufacturing plant. Susanna Hanson started with a tour/walk through of an on-site ice storage system for the group. 

We then transitioned to a manufacturing plant tour given by our guide, John Sustar. 

We finished up the event with a presentation provided by Susanna on the topic of Modeling Thermal Battery Energy Storage. She relied upon TRACE 700 as her tool of choice given her expertise in knowing these systems and how the program models them. Participation by the attendees was active with my questions and tangent conversation on the topic and industry trends.