Wisconsin Chapter Quarterly Meeting Recap: Women in Building Performance and Simulation

On September 19th, the Wisconsin Chapter held their first quarterly event, Women in Building Performance and Simulation, at the Thermal Energy System Specialists office on beautiful Capitol Square in Madison. It was the largest turnout for a Wisconsin Chapter event, with 23 people in attendance! The group enjoyed amazing food from Underground Butcher, with local beer and wine. The panel for the evening consisted of Brittany Carl Moser, Shona O'Dea, Rebecca Upham, and Shana Scheiber.


This event honored the accomplishments of women in the building performance and simulation industry in Wisconsin, and the region, which is home to many incredibly talented people in the field. Each panelist presented on significant projects, and their different stages of career development; some were transitioning into more of a mentor role, which was important for two UW Madison students in attendance who were keen to have mentors going into the field.

Other topics included strategies for building a supportive environment/culture:

  • availability of work-life balance
  • provision of not only maternal leave, but also paternal and/or family leave
  • flexibility to stay/continue/thrive in a career
  • intentional pursuit of understanding and support of diverse people in the field.
  • communication

Overall it was a fun, engaging night for attendees, and we thank our speaker panel for sharing their stories and experiences. Stay tuned for the next Wisconsin Chapter event announcement! 

See more photos here.