Online Course: Introduction to OpenStudio for New Construction Modeling


Performance Systems Development


February 9 - 15, 2017

NREL’s OpenStudio platform for EnergyPlus is changing the way building professionals approach energy modeling. Learn how to take advantage of this powerful and growing open source tool set.

This 5-day online training course will teach students how to leverage the free NREL OpenStudio modeling ecosystem to quickly and efficiently generate flexible models for energy analysis.

Students will learn effective modeling workflows for using the OpenStudio Sketchup Plugin to construct building form and fabric and assigning space attributes. HVAC and service hot water systems will be configured using the OpenStudio Application. The OpenStudio Application integrates with NREL’s Building Component Library (BCL), providing libraries of pre-defined configurable energy conservation measures for easily modifying energy models. PAT (Parametric Analysis Tool) will be used to demonstrate how model variants can be configured to run in cloud computing environments (Amazon EC2).

Students will also be exposed to OpenStudio’s capabilities for extension through Ruby Scripting, both for creating custom energy conservation measures and for generating useful summary and detailed output.

Course Dates & Time: (Online 5-days) February 9-10 and 13-15, 2017 (1-5pm EST) / (Optional 2-Hour) SketchUp Training: February 8, 2017 (1-3pm EST), +$150.00

Learn more and register for the course on the Performance Systems Development website.







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