Online Self Paced TRNSYS Training


Thermal Energy System Specialists (TESS)


May 1 - December 31, 2020

On April 21, 2020, Thermal Energy System Specialists (TESS) announced the launch of TRNSYS Academy, an on-demand video learning platform for TRNSYS, TRNBuild, and the TRNSYS TypeStudio.

TRNSYS Academy is designed to quickly initiate the novice TRNSYS user to the fundamental principles and how-to’s of the software. Through a seamless combination of slides and step-by-step demonstrations, the series’ 7.5 hours of content covers everything from basic TRNSYS architecture, to creating a system or building model from scratch, to authoring a new component with the TypeStudio. For current TRNSYS users, the lectures will bring practitioners up to speed with best practices pertinent to almost any TRNSYS application; for those exploring TRNSYS for future modeling needs, TRNSYS Academy serves as a thorough primer of the TRNSYS suite’s extensive functionality.

Access for individuals is $100, which unlocks two months of unlimited on-demand access. Universities and institutions interested in blocks of licenses should contact TESS for pricing.

Contact TESS today to initiate your enrollment in TRNSYS Academy.

What are the computing requirements for TRNSYS Academy?

A web-enabled computer or mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) is required to access TRNSYS Academy; the videos cannot be downloaded to view offline.

Do users need a TRNSYS license to use TRNSYS Academy?

Users do not need to have a TRNSYS license unless they wish to work in parallel with the videos.

What are the TRNSYS version requirements for TRNSYS Academy?

While Trnsys v18 is used for demonstrations, most TRNSYS Academy content is applicable to Trnsys v17; exceptions include features new with TRNSYS18, such as the Simulation Summary Report, the TypeStudio, and some components referenced in demonstrations (suitable Trnsys v17 substitutes are suggested).

Are there any other purchase or content requirements for TRNSYS Academy?

Some demonstrations make use of TESS Library components, which are not part of the standard TRNSYS Library; standard library substitutes are suggested for those that do not have access to the TESS Libraries.

Who is the TRNSYS Academy lecturer?

David Bradley is a partner-owner of Thermal Energy System Specialists (TESS), LLC, which has provided TRNSYS development and consulting services since its inception in 1994. At TESS, David serves as Principal TRNSYS Training Coordinator and liaison to the international TRNSYS development community. David has seen TRNSYS through four major distribution versions, made significant contributions to both the TRNSYS kernel (the ‘brains’ of TRNSYS) and the TESS Libraries, and led countless in-person and online TRNSYS trainings for a global audience. He also serves as the principal investigator on numerous TRNSYS energy modeling projects with a focus on building energy modeling and energy management.


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