Using DesignBuilder to Maximize EnergyPlus Productivity Workshop in London


Big Ladder Software in Partnership with Northumbria University London and DesignBuilder Software

Northumbria University London - 110 Middlesex St., Room 101, Spitalfields, London E1 7HT, UK

November 22, 2019

This one-day workshop will show you how DesignBuilder can be used to significantly speed up the process of creating models to simulate using EnergyPlus. You will learn how to use DesignBuilder’s powerful geometry and data management features to help you create EnergyPlus models much more efficiently and maximize your productivity whilst still leveraging the power of the EnergyPlus engine. Training topics include:

- Introduction to DesignBuilder
- Quickly re-creating the EnergyPlus model: Geometric operations and efficient model data input
- Running simulations
- Exporting IDF data to modify outside DesignBuilder (EnergyPlus experience is recommended for this session)
- Introduction to the DesignBuilder EMS

No prior experience with DesignBuilder is necessary, and a free 30-day trial license can be used during the course. In the morning, you will learn to use DesignBuilder to model the building you created in EnergyPlus during the two-day EnergyPlus for Practitioners training. In the afternoon, you will consolidate the knowledge learned in the first two days to export the IDF data from DesignBuilder and then manipulate it to add or change inputs and run that simulation in EnergyPlus. In the end, you will be introduced to the DesignBuilder EMS, which enables you to customize an EnergyPlus simulation using a simple script-based approach to change simulated behavior for HVAC, natural ventilation, glazing and lighting systems.

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Workshop Instructors:

Aaron Boranian (Big Ladder Software)

David Cocking (DesignBuilder Software)

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