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This video has been made free to view for all. Urban building modeling tools are developing rapidly; these tools use emerging simulation workflows for specific urban environmental design tasks, such as assessing the impacts of energy efficiency technologies at a district scale.

open source, software development kit, SDK, urban building energy modeling, urban scale modeling, high-performance buildings, energy systems, district scale

This recording has been made free to view for all.

Municipal Scale Energy Modeling, carbon reduction strategy modeling, climate action plan carbon emissions

This recording has been made free to view for all. The pandemic has led to finding new and innovative technologies to reduce the spread of virus indoors.

HVAC, HVAC systems, pandemic, ventilation, indoor ventilation, filtration, system performance

This video has been made free to view for all. Please join the Boston Chapter of IBPSA-USA for a networking session over Zoom, and presentations covering topics from the conference.

Convolutional Neural Networks, Personalized Thermostat Demand Response, daylighting, building envelopes, residential buildings

This video has been made free to view for all. Buildings emit about 14 Gt of greenhouse gases every year making them one of the largest contributors to global carbon emissions. 75% of these emissions from buildings are a result of operating them.

Portfolio Energy Optimization, PEO, RMI, zero carbon, emissions, carbon emissions, commercial buildings, building retrofits

This video has been made free to view for all. It's time for a new approach to daylighting design. Current daylighting strategies, employed on virtually every green building, are leftover, inappropriate, concepts from a bygone era of high lighting power density.

diodes, daylighting, ECM, energy conservation measure, lighting controls

Annual luminance maps provide meaningful evaluations for occupants’ visual comfort, preferences, and perception. However, acquiring annual luminance maps require labor-intensive and time-consuming simulations or impracticable long-term field measurements.

machine learning, ML, daylighting, annual luminance maps, deep neural networks, deep learning framework, architectural lighting

Please join the Boston Chapter of IBPSA-USA for a networking session over Zoom and presentations from Irmak Turan and 

embodied carbon, LCA, life cycle analysis, materials recycling, mass timber construction

This video has been made free to view for all. This two-part presentation introduces the indoor air quality modeling software CONTAM and the web-based tool FaTIMA for modeling the Fate and Transport of Indoor Microbiological Aerosols.

indoor air quality, IAQ, indoor air quality modeling, CONTAM, FaTIMA, Indoor Microbiological Aerosols

This Boston Chapter event features presentations from Nathaniel Jones and Holly Samuelson covering advances in building simulation research.

building simulation, thermal comfort, thermal comfort modeling, advanced thermal comfort analysis, passive survivability, mold

Internet of things has revolutionized the way devices, actuators, buildings occupant, building operators, and utilities interact.

smart homes, IoT, internet of things, smart neighborhood, HVAC, water heaters, cloud-based software framework, machine learning, ML

As greater quantities of variable renewable energy are integrated into the electric grid the hour to hour variation in emissions is only increasing. This is at odds with how building designers have traditionally treated all kilowatt hours as equal from an emissions standpoint.

emissions, time varying grid emissions, electric grid, carbon aware, building design

This Boston Chapter of IBPSA-USA webinar features two presentations: Luke Troup, a recent graduate fr

BEM, building energy modeling, energy modeling, climate data, weather data, electrification, Decarbonization

This webinar is primarily targeted to individuals who regularly create building energy models (BEM) from building information models (BIM).

BEM, BIM, building energy modeling, Building Information Modeling, translating BIM to BEM

The predominant tool for 2D heat transfer analysis is THERM which has a toilsome interface for drafting and post-processing façade details.

Grasshopper, Rhino, ladybug, THERM, inDesign, 2D Heat Transfer, IAM, interoperable algorithmic modeling

Eric Mannarino from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) will discuss energy storage systems, DER, and decarbonization, along with its involvement in the uti

education committee, Decarbonization, energy storage, DER, BEM, building energy modeling, energy modeling, electrification, utility industry

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ASHRAE, REHVA, and other industry authorities have published a ton of information on how to maintain occupant health and safety in buildings....

energy use demands, COVID-19, novel coronavirus, Coronavirus, building simulation, pandemic, energy modeling, BEM, building energy modeling

NREL’s REopt™ software provides concurrent, multiple technology integration and optimization capabilities to help organizations meet their cost savings and energy performance goals.

renewable energy systems, renewable energy, REopt, building energy modeling, energy modeling, BEM, energy storage, energy performance

This Research Committee seminar will introduce an open-source, free software package that provides practical, end-to-end (from the IT equipment, to heat rejection, to the ambient) modeling and optimization for data center cooling.

Please join us as we revive monthly meetings for the Boston-area building simulation community. The first meeting of 2020 will take place over video conferencing, and we look forward to transitioning to in-person gatherings when it is safe to do so. 

green building, net zero energy, electrification, passive house, Boston Chapter

Engineers are responsible for helping design systems that can save energy and water, and use resources wisely to help propel our world to a more sustainable future. But what happens after the construction crews leave?

Green Teams, climate action, building energy modeling, BEM, Denver Chapter

This video has been made free to view for all. In this Education Committee webinar, Eric Mannarino from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Decarbonization, energy storage, DER, BEM, building energy modeling, energy modeling, electrification, utility industry

Energy modeling is often only associated with new construction projects with high sustainability aspirations.

BEM, building energy modeling, energy modeling, building simulation, case studies, laboratory, BPA, Building Performance Analysis

Please join the the IBPSA-USA Wisconsin Chapter for their online quarter 2 event as their technical association will take on the current event of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) as it relates to transmission, prevention, HVAC design, and building performance.

novel coronavirus, HVAC Design, building performance, building performance modeling, infection prevention

Advances in simulation techniques and computing power, coupled with more progressive goals for decarbonization in buildings, have propelled urban-scale simulation to the fore over the past decade. (

BEM, urban-scale simulation, building energy modeling, energy modeling, large-scale data, urban scale modeling, urban building energy modeling, single-family homes