Best Practices 07: Changing the Profession

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This is a recording of a Building Simulation 2017 session presentation, held on August 9, 2017. Building Simulation 2017 brought together practitioners and researchers from around the world to share information about the state of the art in simulation tools and applications and to discuss new developments. The conference featured updates and insights regarding new research to improve simulation capabilities for advanced low-energy building systems, case studies from successful projects that demonstrate the key role that simulation plays, and ongoing efforts to enable compliance and building rating software to support radiant and other energy efficient systems.

Session Title: Best Practices 07: Changing the Profession

Chair: Shanta Tucker


Let Energy Modelers Think Like Programmers. Let Programmers Think Like Energy Modelers.
Peter Ellis, Big Ladder Software, USA; Weili Xu, BuildSimHub Inc., USA; An-Lei Huang, Integral Group, USA; Xing Chen, Stantec, USA

Energy Data - Are We Afraid to Share?
Anna Jean Morton, Anna J Morton, Morton Gestalt, USA; Ajit Naik, dbHMS,USA; Scott Farbman, dbHMS, USA