Calibration and M&V, Introduction

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What could be different between assumed and actual performance? M&V helps you understand. Learning whether, and why your design phase energy model matches the real performance is the purpose of M&V. It's a powerful way to understand the real world influences that differ from assumptions.

Video Series Components:

Calibration Overview
Measurement & Verification Overview
Case Studies
Calibration Guidance

Presenter: Jim Dirkes II, President at The Building Performance Team Inc.

This video is part of the online learning course video series: Building Energy Modeling workshop BEM101. The presenters are past ASHRAE conference BEM101 workshop veteran presenters and leading experts in the energy modeling field. The target audience is the beginning and intermediate level energy modelers. BEM101 online learning videos have 7 parts: Modeling to Inform Design, Fundamentals of Energy Modeling, Energy Modeling Best Practices, ASHRARE Std 90.1 Performance Rating Method, Measurement and Verification and Life Cycle Cost Analysis.