Research/Urban Scale Simulation Sub-committee: Data and Modeling Challenges in Urban Building Energy Modeling (UBEM)

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This is a recording of an Urban Scale Simulation Research sub-committee, held on December 17, 2018.

The Urban Scale Simulation Research sub-committee of IBPSA-USA would like to invite you to attend our 2018 webinar series. This series will introduce latest research on the urban scale modeling and simulation. We will have our 2nd webinar with Dr. Carlos Cerezo Davila from KPF, USA. 

Presenter Bio: 

Carlos Cerezo Davila is a building science researcher and the Environmental Design Director for KPF New York. His work focuses on the development of workflows and tools to incorporate building performance simulation in design at all scales. His research before joining KPF, working as a Research Scientist with the Sustainable Design Lab at MIT, centers on the application of energy simulation and uncertainty analysis at an urban scale, in collaboration with municipalities such as Boston, Chicago, Lisbon, and Kuwait. As an instructor in the Building Technology program at MIT, Carlos has taught environmental modeling to architects and urban planners. Carlos is a licensed architect by the University of Seville (Spain, 2010), having practiced in Spain, Japan and the US, and he holds a Master from Harvard University (2013) and a PhD from MIT (2017).