A Discussion on Innovative Thermal Comfort Solutions

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The Chicago Chapter of IBPSA-USA (CHIBPSA) invites you to join fellow Chicago-area building simulation community members for a morning of networking, discussion on innovative thermal comfort solutions, and presentations by Arjan Kraakman and Remco van Woensel, both graduate students of the Building Physics & Services department of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Arjan and Remco will  present their research on the effects of spatial transitions on thermal comfort perception in office environments, and SPONG3D, an adaptive 3D-printed façade system for seasonal thermal comfort optimization.

Learning Objectives:

  • How the Spong3D facade system works;
  • How a system like Spong3D can be modeled using BPS software;
  • The impact of different system settings like fluid flow rate and tank volume on the performance of Spong3D;
  • The energy savings potential of Spong3D in different climates.
  • The potential of spatial transition research on thermal comfort of occupants;
  • The potential of spatial transition research on energy saving and using of renewable energy sources;
  • Verify if a similar magnitude of climate chamber studies in temperature jumps could established in real-life circumstances for discomfort free transitions through occupant feedback on their thermal sensation.

Presenter Bios:

Arjan Kraakman is a graduate student at TU Eindhoven’s Building Physics and Services department. While his main area of focus involves the internet of things and intelligent buildings, Arjan  is experienced in  building performance analysis. See Arjan's presentation poster. See his presentation slides.

Remco van Woensel is a graduate student at TU Eindhoven’s Building Physics and Services department. His recent focus includes research on SPONG3D, an adaptive 3D printed facade system that integrates multiple functions to optimize thermal performances according to the different environmental conditions throughout the year. Remco serves as treasurer for the Mollier Building Physics and Services Association. See Remco's presentation posterSee his presentation slides