IBPSA Education Webinar, Session : 3 - Weather Data For Building Performance Simulation

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The third webinar of this series was held jointly by Charles ‘Chip’ Barnaby and Drury B Crawley. This webinar describes the weather data requirements of Building Performance Simulation (BPS) applications, how those data are represented and their available data sources. It also talks about how ongoing development of remote sensing (satellite) observations and climate modelling methods are improving data availability and quality

About the Presenters:

Chip Barnaby, the President of IBPSA is a graduate from Harvard University and did his Post graduation in Architecture from University of California.

Drury Crawley, Chair of Regional Affiliate Development Committee of IBPSA is a graduate from University of Tennessee and did his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Strathclyde, Scotland. He is now Fellow and Director of Building Performance at Bentley Systems, Washington.