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Date of Recording: 
March 23, 2021

On March 23, 2021, IBPSA-USA held a Committee Members Recruitment party, which was a fun interactive event where folks learned more about the diverse committees of IBPSA-USA. Members were able to build upon their professional network, support a cause/event that they are passionate about, expand their knowledge base, and develop some new personal relationships.

View this recording to learn more and get involved!

In brief 5 minute presentations Committee chairs introduced the goals and objectives of their respective teams – and attendees were able share ideas and provide their input. If you are so inspired please feel free to join a committee and you will be added to their email register.

  1. CA Advocacy: gcollins@zeroenvy.com, panos.bakos@arup.com
  2. Certification:  dcontoyannis@modelefficiency.com
  3. Chapters: chapters@ibpsa.us
  4. Communications: communications@IBPSA.US
  5. Conferences: supriya.goel@pnnl.gov
  6. Data Exchange: bde@ibpsa.us
  7. Education: education@ibpsa.us
  8. Research: research@ibpsa.us

This is a great opportunity for members to become leaders within the IBPSA-USA community.