IBPSA-USA SFBA Chapter Event: Understand Building Energy Efficiency through Department of Energy’s Asset Score Tool

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Topic #1 - Understand Building Energy Efficiency through Department of Energy’s Asset Score Tool (Supriya Goel)
The Building Energy Asset Score Tool, developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy, is a whole-building energy efficiency rating system that focuses on the as-designed physical characteristics of a building. This web-based modeling tool employs a simple user interface built using EnergyPlus to collect data about the building, and then generates an asset score and system evaluation for the building's envelope and mechanical and lighting systems. The tool also identifies cost-effective upgrade opportunities and provides insight into the energy efficiency potential of the building.
This presentation will provide a brief overview of the Asset Score Tool and detail results for some of the 1,000+ buildings assessed using this tool. In addition, the presentation will include a live demonstration to show the process of entering data into the tool and generating an Asset Score report.

Topic #2 - Energy Modeling and Title 24 (Meg Waltner)
Energy modeling is a critical component of the Title 24 compliance process for buildings following the performance path. The intent of the performance path is to provide design teams increased flexibility in achieving the code’s energy efficiency requirements. This presentation will provide an overview of the Title 24 development process including details on Title 24’s energy cost metric (time dependent valuation or TDV), discuss the role of modeling in the Title 24 process, and present research findings comparing the emissions and TDV outcomes of different space and water heating equipment types in prototype buildings.


Supriya Goel - Energy Research Engineer | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Meg Waltner - Senior Consultant | ARUP