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Have you heard of BuildingSync®, but aren’t sure what it really is or if it should interest you?  Have you not heard of it, but you’re curious now?

BuildingSync is a common schema for energy audit data that can be utilized by different software and databases involved in the energy audit process. It allows data to be more easily aggregated, compared, and exchanged between different databases  and software tools. This streamlines the energy audit process, improving the value of the data, minimizing duplication of effort for subsequent audits, and facilitating achievement of greater energy efficiency.

BuildingSync was developed to address the lack of an industry-standard collection format for energy audit data. Standardizing energy audit data can help energy auditors, software providers, building owners, utilities, and other entities by maximizing the value that can be obtained from each set of data - value obtained through collaboration, comparison, and reuse.

Kristin Field-Macumber and Nicholas Long of NREL give a presentation explaining what BuildingSync is and isn’t, discuss related ongoing efforts, and answer questions.

See the presentation slides here.

What you'll learn:

- Basics of BuildingSync
- How is BuildingSync being used today and by whom?
- What tools and resources are there to help someone use 
-What are other potential applications of BuildingSync?


Kristin Field-Macumber is an engineer in the Commercial Buildings Research group at NREL.  She has done energy modeling work in EnergyPlus and OpenStudio, as well as outreach and technical work supporting modeling and other building stock analysis.  She is leading outreach efforts for BuildingSync and contributing to schema development.

Nicholas Long is also an engineer in the Commercial Buildings Research group at NREL.  He has primarily focused on software development, working on OpenStudio, SEED, BuildingSync, and many others.  He is leading the schema development of BuildingSync.

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