Natural Ventilation Design

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Through our reference case project, HouseZero, for Harvard University, Kasper will take the participants through the engineering solutions used to design a 100% natural ventilation solution. This building is for the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities department, and includes the old 1940s structure.

With Boston’s geographical location on the Northeast coast, it can be tough to design a facility where natural ventilation is the only ventilation strategy utilized throughout all four seasons. After the sessions, the attendees will have knowledge of:

• How external CFD is used for fine-tuned window control. The system is partly controlled by wind pressure which can be predicted for each individual window.

• How simple Air Change Calculations can be used in the design phase to ensure a sufficient opening area. This process can save time in relation to the dynamic simulations.

• When Dynamic Simulations and Internal CFD is necessary in a Natural Ventilation project to obtain an optimal indoor environment. These kinds of simulations can be very expensive and it is therefore important to know when they can benefit the design.

• How to use Dynamic Simulations in a building without Mechanical Ventilation to determine alternative strategies, based on the number of critical hours, for improved thermal comfort and acceptable levels of humidity.